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Free Template For Chatbot Conversations

Conversation Design is the design of the interaction flow of “conversation” between a Dynamic AI agent chatbot and an end-user based on how people communicate in life. A conversation design for chatbots ensures the effectiveness of the chatbot’s ability to answer queries and perform tasks accurately. Kick-start your journey on building a chatbot with this free conversation template.

Conversational AI in Metaverse: The Future of Digital Interactions

Metaverse is a mixed reality made up of a combination of technologies and trends like AR, head-mounted displays (HMDs), the Internet of Things (IoT), an augmented reality (AR) cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial technologies; a persistent, immersive digital environment. Metaverse will have a direct impact on various industries and businesses are already leveraging the tech to earn huge profits. For businesses to take advantage of Metaverse on a large scale, conversational AI is key.

Total Experience Automation – The Next-Gen Conversational AI Strategy

Total-experience (TX) is a business strategy that interlinks customer experience (CX), employee experience(EX), user experience (UX) and multi-experience (MX) disciplines across the organization. TX is not just about technology or adopting a certain application. TX is about how to use the technology, relevant tools and interactions to enhance, empower and embolden both customers and employees.
TX comes to life in moments of truth when employees and customers meet.

Virtual Assistants Gaming

Conversational AI in Gaming: The Future of Immersive Gaming Experience

With more than 2 billion gamers in the world, this is a huge opportunity to boost your business growth if you can offer a seamless in-game experience. Automate customer support, speed up resolution time, and empower developers to focus on critical tasks while still reducing support costs–it’s all possible with AI.

Employee Engagement Trends

Redefining Employee Experience with Conversational AI

In the wake of the pandemic, enterprises, SMBs and entrepreneurs across the world have accelerated their digital transformation journey while pivoting internal process optimization to scaling businesses.

Conversational AI in Insurance

Conversational AI in insurance: Fostering the trust between customer and company

With conversational AI, insurance companies are able to revitalize their customer care by automating the end-to-end resolution of over 80% of inbound queries, while significantly cutting down on operational costs in the process.

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