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Chatbots for Advertising Engagement Automation

A new era of Consumer Behaviour and Communications is here, and enterprises are undergoing a rapid digital transformation. AI is powering the efforts of Advertising and Marketing teams of enterprises. A 2019 survey conducted by Harvard Business Review stated that nearly half of the marketers rated mobile messaging as highly important today. Enterprises that implement AI solutions today, will be the Moghuls of tomorrow. Ready to learn all about Chatbots for Advertising Engagement Automation.

Endless Aisle with Conversational AI

With retail stores seeing a variation in footfall and customer behavior owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers are exploring technology that can augment their stores and sales. In a market scenario where customers can’t physically visit the market, retailers are left searching for a go-to-customer strategy. Discover how you can make your customers feel like one in a million and offer them unlimited choices in your online store with Endless Aisle.

Virtual Assistants Gaming

Conversational AI in Gaming: The Future of Immersive Gaming Experience

With more than 2 billion gamers in the world, this is a huge opportunity to boost your business growth if you can offer a seamless in-game experience. Automate customer support, speed up resolution time, and empower developers to focus on critical tasks while still reducing support costs–it’s all possible with AI.

Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI to Transform Customer Experience in Banking

With AI-enabled agents, the speed of query resolution and customer support have been minimized to the least, i.e., 4 minutes per query.

Re-imagining the Education Industry With Dynamic AI Agents

Conversational AI helps in engaging your student prospects right from the point of admission. Chatbots provide 24×7 delightful experiences with a human touch to make learning fun and fulfilling for students. Dynamic AI agents bring the best NLP capabilities that improve over time. 

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