Sephora Embraces Digital Experiences Through Conversational AI

Learn how this retail giant blended its online and in-store presence to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers

Use case:

Customer Support, New Orders, Returns & Refunds



Sephora is a leading beauty retailer whose mission has been to create a welcoming shopping experience for all. It is the epitome of a customer-centric company that doesn’t just welcome smart customers, but embraces them. One of the first ones to innovate in digital retail by combining the in-store and online teams into an omni-retail department

Sephora Embraces Digital Experiences Through Conversational AI







Engaging customers in an online store format, similar to a brick and mortar outlet

With a shift in consumer behaviour in recent times, to more online purchases, Sephora analysed how consumers interacted with their online store and found it to be similar to their purchase behaviours at brick & mortar outlets. They usually searched for product details, reviews, best prices and recommendations before considering any purchase.

Aligned with the vision of providing a best-in-class retail experience across both offline and online channels to all its consumers 24X7, Sephora wanted to adopt an omnichannel approach and ensure a similar level of support and assistance.

Solution – Introducing the Sephora Virtual Assistant

Introducing the Sephora Virtual Assistant


Personalized consultations

Customers can connect with a beauty expert on-demand to handpick the best products available, reserve and pick them up anytime!

The in-store Beauty Advisors are uniquely positioned to provide a much more personalised one-on-one experience through the WhatsApp chat option and are leveraging the channel to assist customers.


An online “in-store” experience

The Sephora bot supports customers by reserving products and allowing pickup in-store, checking product availability
and asking questions on store timings & product returns.

The virtual assistant fetches the right product details from the customer’s nearest store, for them to directly connect with in-store beauty advisors. These beauty advisors cater to specific customer needs and support them through their purchase decisions, just like in a physical store.

Introducing the Sephora Virtual Assistant, an online in-store experience





New users on the bot in Singapore & 3K in Malaysia in a year



Conversation sessions in Singapore & 82K in Malaysia in a year




Avg. incremental revenue earned every month

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