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AirAsia empowers employees with gen AI-powered chatbot for seamless self-service


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Challenge accessing information from large volumes of data in multiple documents, amidst time constraints and technical issues. 

AirAsia has been recognised as the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for 14 consecutive years, operating flights to more than 130 destinations. As part of its staff-friendly and digitally enabled strategy, AirAsia’s Ground Operations management aimed to provide its global employees with an efficient, seamless, and sustainable ready-reckoner for quick queries and FAQs to serve their guests at the airport better. Therefore, AirAsia sought to invest in a user-friendly, Generative AI-powered automation solution to provide swift access to in-house managed information, integrated with a robust document management system.

Solution: AirAsia Deploys Gen AI powered Chatbot to empower ground staff


24×7 self-serve

AirAsia implemented a GenAI-powered dynamic chatbot, driven by YellowG, a state-of-the-art multi-large language model (LLM) architecture, enabling ground staff to swiftly access precise information sourced from several ground operation manuals and thousands of valid information bulletins spanning thousands of pages. This bot efficiently searches multiple documents to dynamically provide the most relevant information within the chat window, ensuring comprehensive context for seamless assistance. All in a jiffy, imbibing Natural Language Processing (NLP)  and Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities.


Seamless Integration

Yellow.ai’s platform seamlessly integrates with AirAsia’s knowledge base and information drive, housing updated information bulletins and ground operation manuals with standard operating procedures for all categories of ground staff. Upon user inquiry, the platform swiftly parses through all documents, breaking them down into smaller, accessible pieces,and makes information available in real-time even in low bandwidth areas such as on an airport tarmac or at terminal interiors. 


Always on

As airline rules and regulations undergo constant changes, it’s crucial for ground personnel worldwide to have real-time access to this information. By leveraging YellowG’s architecture, AirAsia ensures exceptional scalability, speed, and accuracy. With continuous training on billions of conversations, YellowG guarantees optimal performance, providing ground personnel with the most up-to-date information at all times.


High Accuracy



and growing accuracy in addressing ground staff queries

High operational efficiency



critical queries handled in the initial phase since going live 

High adoption



unique users onboarded since going live  

High volumes handled



messages handled by the Gen AI bot since going live

“AirAsia’s integration of a Generative AI-powered dynamic chatbot enabled by Yellow.ai, has revolutionized how our ground staff operates worldwide. This cutting-edge technology ensures our employees receive rapid responses to queries regarding policies, rules, and regulations, resulting in a seamless experience. With YellowG, accessing vital information swiftly on their devices is effortless, even in low bandwidth areas, eliminating the need to manually sift through extensive documents. This innovative solution allows our team to dedicate more focus to delivering exceptional customer service to our guests, further establishing AirAsia as a leader in enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction.”

Mohit Khatri
Head of Ground Ops Projects, AirAsia

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