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What’s new at Yellow.ai: Exploring the Latest Product Enhancements

Updated: February 27, 2024
What’s new at Yellow.ai: Exploring the Latest Product Enhancements
What’s new at Yellow.ai: Exploring the Latest Product Enhancements

Curious about the latest AI upgrades that can transform your customer support operations and elevate customer satisfaction? This blog unveils the monthly product and feature updates of the Yellow.ai platform.

Inbox – AI-powered Assistance for Human Agents

AI-generated solutions for reply suggestions

The Reply suggestion feature aids inbox agents by providing concise and helpful reply suggestions. 

When a user query is received, agents can click the “Get solution” button to get an AI-generated summarized response. This is particularly helpful during high-volume periods in saving time and effort and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

The feature is especially beneficial when the agent needs to search for the answer in multiple knowledge sources, such as the company’s internal knowledge base, manuals, documents, or past interactions. The platform is trained on relevant website URLs, documents, and knowledge-base articles to suggest quick and accurate real-time responses to agents (Learn more).

Refine ticket filtering with custom views

Manage support tickets with customized filters, streamlining prioritization and categorization. This feature enhances efficiency by allowing agents to focus on specific criteria, ensuring a more organized and responsive resolution process.

The customized filters include the following: 

  • Created date
  • Tags
  • Groups
  • Agents 
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Due date 
  • Resolution due by
  • First response due by 
  • Next response due by

Seamlessly access specific chats with custom views

Custom views offer organized sorting and easy access to specific chat categories. With filters based on various criteria, they offer a personalized experience, allowing agents to highlight critical information and admins to oversee chats in specific categories (Learn more).

You can choose from many customized filters for a custom view: Date range, Source (channels), Tags, Groups, Agent names, and Chat statuses.


Personalize the tone of the bot

Tailor your bot’s tone to match your preferred response style. Yellow.ai provides four distinct tones, allowing you to customize your bot’s interactions with the users:

  • Empathetic: Responds in a way that acknowledges and reflects the user’s emotions.
  • Formal: Uses a professional and formal tone in responses.
  • Short answers: Conveys information concisely with brief responses and minimal descriptions. 
  • Instructions-based: Respond in a clear instructional format.

Learn more about customizing your bot’s interaction tone.  

Automate fallback messages for proactive suggestions

This feature lets the bot show the closest best options as a fallback when the bot does not understand user queries. The fallback message can be customized based on your preference (Learn more).

Improved bot logs for simplified debugging

The debug logs will now be accessible in real-time for Sandbox and Staging directly from the ongoing conversation. For Production, it will be available 15 minutes after the conversation ends (Learn more).

Introducing Prompt Executor node for real-time responses

Use the Prompt Executor node to retrieve real-time responses from a language model and showcase them to your users. A prompt node collects the dynamic user response in a variable and passes the variable in User Query (Learn more).

For instance, imagine you wish to share food recipes with the end user. Use a prompt node to inquire about the preferred recipe, save the response in a variable, and pass it here. The node will display the recipe for the ingredient the user asked about (also, see Prompt Generator).

Reporting & Analytics

Introducing Group by feature for Integer columns

When dealing with a column containing integer values, you can use the Group By feature. Without adding buckets, the generated data will be extensive, including all the integer numbers present in the table (Learn more).

Introducing Knowledgebase report

You can use DataExplorer to review queries handled by the Knowledge Base (query-answer pairs), visualize deflection rates, and analyze resolution rates. This provides insights into ongoing processes, helping agents identify areas of failure (Learn more).


Domain whitelisting for controlled access and robust protection

Domain whitelisting allows you to secure your chatbot and ensures chatbot access only in authorized domains. It prevents unauthorized users from copying the script and embedding the bot on their websites and Mobile SDK apps (Android and iOS apps) (Learn more).

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