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Revolutionizing email support: Yellow.ai’s Generative AI-powered email automation

Updated: April 10, 2024
Revolutionizing email support: Yellow.ai’s Generative AI-powered email automation
Revolutionizing email support: Yellow.ai’s Generative AI-powered email automation

Despite many consumers preferring email for customer service, businesses often struggle to manage email inquiries efficiently. With consumers reporting instances of being ignored and agents failing to address queries adequately on the first interaction, the financial ramifications of poor service are significant. The sheer volume of support queries on emails underscores the critical need for email automation solutions. Yellow.ai’s solution addresses this by providing effective email-based support leading to an improved customer experience.

Challenges with traditional ticketing systems

While traditional ticketing systems have been around for long, there is a critical need to reimagine support for the new-age customers. With the demand for personalization and quick resolutions fast becoming the norm, enterprises are struggling to provide these levels of support with traditional systems limited by:

Challenges with Traditional Ticketing Systems - Solve with Yellow.ai’s AI-powered email automation

Introducing Yellow.ai Email Automation

Yellow.ai Email Automation is powered by Generative AI to understand multiple intents and entities, trigger subsequent workflows and ensure quick, accurate resolutions for upto 80% of incoming emails to reduce support operation costs and agent workload.  

AI-first email handling for advanced customer service

Advanced email understanding: Powered by LLMs (Large Language Models), Yellow.ai’s platform can comprehend intricate, unstructured emails, discerning multiple intents and entities with remarkable accuracy.

LLM Orchestrator: Without the need for labor-intensive training or complex setups, Orch LLM by Yellow.ai has been designed to understand dynamic conversations with changing context and trigger the appropriate tool and respond directly on active email threads.

Automated workflow triggering: Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), the platform seamlessly executes downstream workflows based on inferred email intent, from retrieving answers from the knowledge base to escalating and transferring queries to human agents.

Agent assist: Human agents are empowered with Generative AI-powered response assistance, enabling them to respond to customers swiftly and accurately with automated response generation.

Personalized responses: By identifying both the intent of the email and the user who sent it, Yellow.ai’s platform delivers contextual responses tailored to individual preferences and sentiment, fostering deeper connections with customers.

Simplified classification: Incoming emails are automatically classified based on intent, urgency, and customer segment, reducing the time spent by human agents on manual prioritization.

Seamless integrations: Yellow.ai seamlessly integrates with leading ticketing and CRM systems, facilitating the flow of information and enabling personalized resolutions and automated ticket creation.

The Yellow.ai edge with AI-powered Email Automation

Enhanced scalability

Create a truly scalable email support operation by self-serving incoming email queries in multiple languages, round the clock

Business benefit: Upto 80% reduction in ticket volumes

Quick resolution

Powered by Generative AI, Yellow.ai Email Automation fetches quick resolutions without compromising on accuracy to ensure seamless customer experiences

Business benefit: Upto 20% improvement in FCR

Reduction in operational costs

Reduce cost of hiring and training agents by automating upto 80% of incoming email queries and ensuring that only the ones requiring human touch are transferred to an agent

Business benefit: Reduce operational costs by upto 60%

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