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Yellow.ai’s multilingual intelligent virtual assistants

Updated: March 12, 2024
Yellow.ai’s multilingual intelligent virtual assistants
Yellow.ai’s multilingual intelligent virtual assistants
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With the advancements in AI and NLP, the current, second-generation of intelligent virtual assistants have emerged to be a revolutionary bliss for global businesses.

One of the most promising advancements in intelligent virtual assistant technology is its ability to understand hundreds of different languages and to be able to fluently converse in each of these languages, not just mechanically translate back & forth. This competency of virtual assistants makes them an indispensable tool for brands looking to expand their local market worldwide with an entirely new customer base and new languages. Even the smallest business can now achieve a global presence and potentially global income without being overseas, thanks to the internet!

In this post, we will be seeing why and how Yellow.ai’s multilingual intelligent virtual assistants can help you change the voice of your business.

Why implement multilingual intelligent virtual assistants?

Whether you have a physical store or an eCommerce one, customers prefer to talk in native languages with your brand. According to a study, 60% of customers rarely or never make purchases from English-only sites. 67% like navigation and content in their language and 75% want to make purchases in their language. These statistics reveal that your customers who want to spend money on your brand prefer being catered to in their language. By integrating a multilingual virtual assistant into your platform, your business can benefit in the following ways,

  • Increase business ROI
  • Improve CSAT rating
  • Expand your customer base with localization
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Cost-efficient alternative to multilingual workforce

Yellow.ai’s Multilingual Virtual Assistants

The key to virtual assistant localization is to understand that it is not as easy as just translating text. When it comes to AI-based virtual assistants, cultural differences and nuances in language can also play a more important role. Then there are gender, personality, symbolics, and communication preferences too to consider. 

A fully functional multilingual chatbot should be able to decipher what users want exactly and respond naturally.

Supported Languages – Yellow.ai Smart Virtual Assistant platform supports 100+ languages. Naming a few common languages – English, Indonesian, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, etc. can open up conversations up to around 5 billion people worldwide. We are already working to add many more to develop a true polyglot virtual assistant for you.

Named-entity recognition (NER) – Our robust NER system enables virtual assistants to detect and accurately identify entities like date, time, location, quantities, names, and product specifications entered by users in 100+ supported languages. 

Language Detection – Based on user utterances, Yellow.ai’s AI-powered Virtual Assistant auto-detects, and switches languages instantly for the current session as well as for the following sessions depending on its configuration. 

Built-in Conversations – Our Virtual Assistants platform can automatically respond to small talks and send automated greeting messages to users. Further, developers can also add or define their versions of automated conversations in virtual assistant training processes.

The Yellow.ai Differentiator

Highly Efficient NER System –

At Yellow.ai, we use a sentence-based model which is more accurate than the standard word-based model for better understanding and identification of the context and user intent accurately. While working on customer support automation projects, our approach is to establish a rich semantic meaning with our Sentence based model.

This model addresses all the issues of word embeddings by capturing the semantic meaning of a sentence and identifying order. Thus, helping our customer fully understand these support requests, including every little nuanced word choice that they make. 

Multilingual chatbot training without translation – 

Most of the other players in the market handle multilingual bots in two ways- they either maintain a separate model in the backend for every language, each being an independent model. Or the other way is to use the translation by implementing a single model i.e. the bot is trained in only one language, to say English and when the user gives inputs in other languages, it just gets translated. Both the ways face accuracy issues up to certain levels as maintaining multiple models and translating multiple languages is tricky.

At Yellow.ai, we have been able to make the best of both worlds. While maintaining a single model in the backend, we have been able to remove the notion of language while training a bot using multilingual embeddings. That means users can input in whatever language it prefers, the response will be generated based on the sentence meaning eventually enhancing customer experience. 

Maintaining Data Efficiency for Multilingual Chatbots

The power of any conversational interface lies in its capacity to process infinite input. If not fed on copious data, the bot accuracy and adoption can go down drastically. But we have tackled this issue with a few-shot learning model for our NLP, which means when low data is available, our chatbots are still capable of finding an accurate answer, no matter what the domain is and in what language. Our NLP engine is highly data-efficient because it extracts a lot of accuracy with very few data points irrespective of language. 

Winding Up

If you are looking to expand internationally, a lot of preparation and market consideration is required in both localization and globalization. In this transition journey, supporting multiple languages is just one aspect but with customer satisfaction, it’s a critical one. At Yellow.ai, we help our customers in building virtual assistants that can cater to customer support in almost all major languages. We eliminate the need of rebuilding virtual assistants each time you plan to expand your reach with our robust, efficient, and scalable multilingual bot building solutions.

Converse with billions of people worldwide without hiring multilingual support staff and costly translation services with our skillfully trained multilingual virtual assistants.

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