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The Wait Is Over: Non-transactional WhatsApp Business Notifications Now Available In Mexico And Indonesia!

June 01, 2021  •  4 minute read

Having meaningful and engaging conversations with customers is at the heart of every marketing and advertising strategy. With the world moving towards a digital era – from billboards to Display Ads, from TV ads to YouTube ads, from Print Ads to ads on e-papers, from calling to messaging, we can all see the shift towards digital conversations. 

As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, that is 59.5 percent of the global population. 

Today, customers want to interact with brands through messaging applications, just like they do with their friends and family. And what can be more personalized for messaging than WhatsApp?

The scale of WhatsApp is beyond huge with 1 billion daily active users, 65 billion messages sent per day, and 3 million business users! On an average, a person spends more than 30 minutes a day on WhatsApp. When WhatsApp entered the domain of brand-customer engagement, it personalised the, once mass communication, domain – enabling brands to interact with their customers like never before. 

However, the only glitch, until now, was the WhatsApp Business Policy which only allowed businesses to engage their customers with transactional notifications. But now, there’s good news for businesses in Mexico and Indonesia! The WhatsApp Business API is now allowing businesses to send non-transactional notifications to their customers for the Mexico and Indonesia market. That means, businesses in these countries can now personalize their promotions too with non-transactional notifications. 

In a world where all of us are spoilt for choices, it is important for brands to differentiate and build an edge. With WhatsApp promotional messages, brands can now do just that and more. We’ll break down what non-transactional notifications are, and what it could mean to businesses. 

What are promotional or non-transactional notifications?

Until now, WhatsApp policies restricted brands from sending any non-transactional notifications to its users. The only form of notifications that could be sent had to be transactional. 

In this light, WhatsApp recently announced a significant change in their Business Messaging Policy, by allowing businesses to send non-transactional notifications for Indonesia and Mexico markets. For now, businesses can only send a few types of non-transactional messages, and to send those messages, they need to have users opt-in. Just like an opt-in email subscription. Once the customers have opted in, Non-transactional messages can do wonders to enhance brands’ customer engagement, and also boost ROI. 

What can Promotional Messaging do for your brand?

 #1 –  Notify customers about what’s new, what’s frequently  bought and more

Notify your customers about the new products, offers, updates, and send them recommendations about your products based on stats on ‘best selling products’ to ‘frequently bought together products’, and enable your customers to buy all they need from you. This would in turn increase lead conversion rate and ultimately impact the ROI.

#2 – Send personalized marketing message

Send notifications to customers or potential customers with personalized coupons and offers. Let your customers know about any new updates or new festive promotions, and nudge them with personalised offerings.

#3 – Boost sales through Upselling and Cross-Selling 

You can now send out messages based on the user’s purchase history. The virtual assistant can send automated updates about a sold out product, your customer was waiting for! And even give trend advice based on the buying history of customers.

#4 – Send Cart Abandonment Reminders and Recover lost prospects 

Non-transactional notifications can do wonders for the cart abandonment issue. A simple nudge reminding the customer of the products left in their cart can improve your cart recovery. Couple it with a “back in stock” alert, and you’ve hit the bull’s eye with recovering prospects. 

How to Get Started With Whatsapp Promotional Messaging

For businesses in Indonesia and Mexico, there’s no additional integration work or change to the message template creation process required. However, there are a few prerequisites and considerations aligned to WhatsApp’s business policies which must be fulfilled. 

Prerequisites, and Considerations 

  • Business must be present in Indonesia or Mexico and have the same country setting in their Business Manager
  • Businesses must get opt-in from users before sending any proactive messages, including non-transactional messages. And these opt-ins need to adhere to WhatsApp opt-in policy guidelines
  • Broadcast notifications, such as recurring newsletters, are still not allowed on the platform
  • Businesses must follow WhatsApp’s commerce policy

Way to go with Promotional Messaging

While the rest of the world awaits WhatsApp rolling out non-transactional messages to more countries, businesses in Indonesia and Mexico can get on-board right away. Your customers are on WhatsApp, not just to keep in touch with their friends, but also with their favourite brands! The only question is are you where your customers are? And, if you are – are you leveraging the promotional messaging feature to its full potential?

We’d love to boost your brand engagement, drive valuable experiences, and uplift your conversions for business on WhatsApp. 

Schedule a Demo now to see how we can help you leverage WhatsApp to grow your business. 

Priyanka D

Priyanka is a content creator, and marketer at Yellow.AI. She loves researching and writing about evolving trends in AI in Customer Experience. When she's not at her work desk, she enjoys reading Marketing blogs, watching sitcoms and traveling.
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