FTE working hours


Op-ex savings


reduction in resolution


Yearly spending

AI workers that put your
data to work for you

Our NLP engine is domain trained for IT excellence and contextual understanding besides housing a unified search engine with self-indexing ability.


UI based process automation tool to build workflows with ease, enabling seamless fulfillment.

Automation Workflow

Our protocol based incident management escalates, mitigates and eradicates all security incidents & provides a post mortem report besides being able to self heal.

ITSM incident Management
Automation Workflow
ITSM incident Management

Chatbots that learn from every engagement to
self-heal, over time

Cognitive Analyitc
Instant Remedation
Imstant Automation Resolution

Get real-time insights into agent availability, MTTR, query volumes, bot accuracy, self-service adoption, employee satisfaction rates, and more.

Cognitive Analyitc

Auto classification of tickets, smooth live agent hand offs and auto suggestions based on knowledge base data helps reduce ticket pile ups and increases FCR rates

Instant Remedation

Smart ticketing + automation for instant resolutions to most L0, L1 tasks.

Imstant Automation Resolution

Now resolve I.T. issues
before they can occur

With the help of our AI-powered digital assistants, your employees can dramatically improve their performance by focusing on work that matters, giving your organisation the qualitative boost and exponential growth it needs. Learn how our AI-powered chatbots can help with I.T. service management.

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Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks

Excellent time to value - 60% automation in 30 days of go live

100+ languages available across 35+ text & voice channels.

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