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Robin Hood Army Launches WhatsApp Chatbot To Fast-track Vaccination Of Senior Citizens

May 19, 2021  •  2 minute read

CHENNAI: The Robin Hood Army(RHA), a volunteer organisation, on Wednesday announced a API number that allows to easily reach out and get connected to a volunteer who can help them with the process. The WhatsApp chatbot also guides volunteers who want to come forward to join RHA, share surplus food or volunteer with #SeniorPatrol.
To reach out to RHA on WhatsApp, citizens simply need to send ‘Hi’ to +91 8971966164 on WhatsApp and choose from options provided by the chatbot. The chatbot has been developed by tech startup Yellow Messenger.

“WhatsApp has been a very important medium for our volunteer groups across the country to stay connected and serve our local communities. A large part of our everyday communication with our 100,000 volunteers across 227 cities happens through decentralised WhatsApp groups,” said Neel Ghose, founder, The Robin Hood Army.

“Robin Hood Army has been doing exemplary work and we are pleased that they rely on WhatsApp to strengthen their volunteer network and take Covid relief efforts to more cities in India,” Abhijit Bose, head of Whatsapp said.

#SeniorPatrol is a Robin Hood Army initiative, which was launched during the extended lockdown to help senior citizens of India to take their vaccines. Through the #SeniorPatrol, RHA volunteers have helped thousands of senior citizens across 155 cities get registered on CoWin and visit the vaccination centre for their appointment. RHA volunteers are available in 186 cities in 21 states in India.

Soure – The Times of India


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