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Why Chatbots Are Needed In Human Resources

May 29, 2018  •  2 minute read

Technology is transforming the way we work. Tools, programs, and processes like enterprise resource planning (ERP), application program interface (API), cloud computing (“the cloud”), and many more are driving change. One of these technologies, AI chatbot has now entered the mainstream.

AI Chatbots are applications that perform repetitive tasks at a scale that is not humanly possible. Because of the advances in artificial intelligence (AI), we’re seeing a positive resurgence of chatbots. They are now synonymous with Chatbots – applications that can understand what you are trying to ask and then respond to the questions asked with the right answer just like a human would.

HR departments are spending enormous amounts of time answering basic questions & fielding requests from employees. Instead, an enormous proportion that could be spent on more strategic activities which are avoided because of these unavoidable transactional activities


Chatbots can help HR departments provide a more modern conversational experience and deliver personalized answers and solutions. This can drastically reduce the workload of frontline HR staff, thus enabling them to work on other critical aspects of HR function without any distraction, but a chatbot needs to understand what you are trying to ask of it.

Once a chatbot knows what the user is trying to accomplish, it must execute the conversation, which can be straightforward if you only want to retrieve data. It gets more complicated if you need to submit a transaction. The chatbot now needs to ask for a few pieces of information that go into the transaction, which often varies depending upon the use case.

When answering questions based on a firm’s knowledge base, chatbots must be part of the application that contains the knowledge base. These chatbots are complex because they must comb through information and present answers that are relevant and personalized based on the user.

HR teams that successfully integrate these technologies now will help drive their organization’s digital transformation, and deliver the HR experience that their employees want.


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