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Accelerate Your Retail Automation Journey With Prebuilt Dynamic AI Agents To Go Live Within Days

December 02, 2022  •  3 minute read

Good customer experience has become a top consideration for shoppers and a profit-generating force for retailers. Buyers have come to expect superior service across the user journey, be it personalized product suggestions and seamless engagement before purchase or speed of resolution and proactive customer communication post-purchase.

A conversational AI platform can help e-commerce companies provide personalized and natural human-like shopping experiences across leading digital channels in their preferred language and time. This enables buyers with zero wait times, eliminates language barriers and gives them the convenience to seek support anytime, anywhere. If the queries get complex, the customers can be seamlessly transferred to a human agent for resolution with historic context. 

All this sounds cool, but what about the go-live time? Won’t going to market with a solution like this take significant time and effort?

That’s where Marketplace comes in. Marketplace helps enterprises fast-track building Conversational AI solutions with prebuilt, pre-trained accelerators and templates for the most frequented e-commerce customer journeys. With 100+ templates and components on key industry verticals and use cases, Marketplace helps enterprises rapidly deploy chatbot solutions. Along with the templates, new flows are regularly updated based on the most frequently used components. 

Explore the Marketplace Now!

Marketplace for e-commerce makes implementation with leading enterprise applications possible with minimal involvement of internal teams and enables seamless integration with all modern/legacy retail systems across channels. Scale your customer experience for e-commerce journeys across functions, geographies and languages with Marketplace. 

1. E-commerce Integration

Integrate with leading e-commerce platforms and go live with experiences like browsing products, managing carts and getting order details for your products quickly and effectively.

Prebuilt integrations available for:

  1. Shopify
  2. Magento
  3. Instamojo
  4. WhatsApp

2. Payment Integration

Automate payment options and payment status checks for customers to ensure a smooth checkout experience while shopping online. Easily connect with such channels as Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messages to provide end users an omnichannel buying journey.

Prebuilt integrations available for:

  1. PayU
  2. Stripe
  3. CAMSpay

3. Live Chat with Agent

Provide self-serve support for customers to instantly resolve queries and also enable seamless transfer to live agents for complex tasks requiring human intervention. Integrate with leading e-commerce platforms and deploy on preferred channels to provide instant customer support. 

Prebuilt integrations available for:

  1. Salesforce
  2. Freshchat
  3. Intercom
  4. Zendesk Sunshine
  5. Zoho SalesIQ
  6. Genesys Cloud
  7. Talisma

Benefits with prebuilt e-commerce templates 

Quick go-to-market

Leverage plug-and-play modules to reduce integration time by up to 50% and go live in days rather than months. 

Reusable templates

Templates and journeys can be reused, leading to cost savings and consistency in quality of solution deployed.

Multichannel integrations

Reach customers on their preferred channels with integrators and connectors available for the most widely used channels at a click.

Previews for testing

Want to see the bot for yourself before going live? The preview option in Marketplace helps you visualize your bot in action, leading to ease of testing and quality checks before going live for customers.

Try out e-commerce templates for your enterprise today!

Chetan Swain

Chetan has 5+ years of experience in positioning, launching and growing B2B products and services. He has a keen interest in the field of AI automation and has helped both large enterprises and startups drive adoption and sales success. As a product marketer at Yellow, he helps craft messaging and GTM strategies for product modules and vertical solutions.
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