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5 Ways Chatbots Can Help Enterprises Retain Their Customers

March 02, 2016  •  3 minute read

The greatest common factor among any customer base would be bad customer experience.

Almost all of us would have had trouble registering complaints, experienced long holds on calls or were unable to contact customer support.

Research suggests that 82% of customers leave a company due to bad customer experience. Improving customer service is one of the fundamental strategies for customer retention. So, what can enterprises do to tackle this issue?

A good solution will not only focus on the betterment of service but will also be economically viable for an enterprise to adopt.

Chatbots are proving to be valuable for enterprises to improve customer service across any industry. A well-trained bot can handle multiple customer conversations at once and this significantly reduces the wait time a customer would otherwise have to face when connecting to an agent from support.

It has also been noted that a typical millennial prefers texting over voice conversations, which makes conversational bots a front line of service that enterprises can leverage upon.

At this present day and age, a bot can serve customers across multiple conversational channels ranging across social media, text, mail and voice-based communications.

While customer retention is a function of many variables, a chatbot can fit into any one of these variables. Whether it includes instant communication with a prospect who has directed interest towards an enterprise’s offering or ticketing an issue for an existing customer through baseline support. A chatbot can serve functionally across all areas of customer service.

Here are some reasons why chatbots can help improve customer loyalty

1. Instant Customer Service.

Chatbots are extremely quick in responding to queries. They are available 24/7 in resolving customer issues. They can handle multiple requests and are trained to solve conversational problems accurately. An immediate resolution to a customer query means an improved chance of a customer returning to avail your services or purchase your products.

2. Unbeaten Product Knowledge

A chatbot can be programmed to provide all the necessary elements that are required to answer queries put forward by a potential new customer. First impression plays a role in customer conversion. Every conversation carried out by a bot, is a resource for future engagements. The more the conversations, the better a bot can serve customers.

3. Evolving with emerging technologies.

Customers love new technologies that simplify a rather conventional approach, Chatbots help achieve this. In fact, A Business which adopts that uses a conversational bot is more likely to provide to their customers a better user interface experience. This in turn promotes a positive perspective towards an Enterprise.

4. Proactive customer interactions

Chatbots do not rely on passive conversations. They can very well be a conversation starter and a medium to boost customer engagement metrics.

5. Customer feedback

A bot can also be used to collect customer feedback. It is an excellent way to demonstrate an enterprise’s willingness to serve customers better and communicate that they are constantly bettering themselves.

With evolving technology, customers expect businesses to reach out to them and also deliver a satisfying service that will in-turn enhance customer retention. Smart Companies have acted proactively by installing chatbots to scale up their Customer Service. They stand the best chance of winning the next battle for the customer.

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