How Zenyum crafted a winning Omnichannel strategy for CX with

Learn how this aggressively growing start-up in Singapore leveraged virtual assistants across channels to deliver personalization at scale

Use case:

Customer Support


Website, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Zenyum is a consumer-focused healthcare brand with a mission to help their customers smile more by channeling tech and innovation in the dental category to create products and experiences. Their large team of doctors and advisors consult patients online, in order to advise them with best possible treatments and recommend the best local clinics.

Zenyum's winning omnichannel strategy for CX with


Catering to large volumes of customers across multiple locations through different channels

Zenyum is unique in the Healthcare Tech space in Southeast Asia. As an aggressively growing start-up, Zenyum’s web platform sees traffic of over 50,000 users every month. They wanted to channelise this traffic to be handled by a virtual assistant that could support customers and resolve queries.

Solution – Introducing the Zenyum bot

Introducing the Zenyum bot


Omnichannel Strategy

In order to build a true omnichannel support system and to deliver a connected experience across all human interactions in real-time, across channels and at scale, the AI agent was taken live on their official website, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Personalization at scale

The Zenyum virtual assistant delivers support through a wide range of menu options; from a personalized assessment via a series of questions to understanding each case or even sharing costs, installment plans and clinic locations. It is a go-to assistant for any new customer, serving as a helpful tool to navigate and ascertain how Zenyum can help.

Introducing the Zenyum bot, personalization at scale
Introducing the Zenyum bot, a human like agent


A ‘human like’ agent

For a quick turnaround of customer enquiries, the Zenyum bot has helped in increasing customer engagement reducing the need for a human agent. It is an intuitive, human-like chat agent that can simulate a live agent, right from initiating customer conversations to delivering information and taking actions on their behalf.





New users on the channels in the span of a year



Messages exchanged on the 4 channels



New sessions handled

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