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Voice & video calling for 10X better customer experience

Updated: July 15, 2024
Voice & video calling for 10X better customer experience
Voice & video calling for 10X better customer experience

During this lockdown, people have come closer to each other via video calls, even though they’re not able to physically meet their loved ones.

Families are meeting more often on video, teams across the globe are sharing their moments on video conferencing, students of all ages are now learning on calls… When the world has adapted so quickly to video, why not the enterprises?

There’s no reason! And so we’re bringing to enterprises, the ability to engage with their customers on Voice and Video calls! If your enterprise is looking to bring an additional degree of personalization to your customer interactions and provide your support agents with a unified view of their buying journey, then read further on to discover how video calling would enable you to do so.

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3 Reasons enterprises include voice and video call to their CX touch points

1. Resolve issues faster with lesser touch points: Have a complex problem to solve? Solve it in a more real environment, like video. For complex technical issues that require visual understanding, which is difficult to explain reactive channels such as phone, email or text, video calling comes in as a savior.

2. Deliver higher brand equity: Live video chat software empowers customers to seek real-time solutions to problems and queries that need urgent assistance. It also helps customers to troubleshoot software issues, transactional queries, complex issues that need professional expertise. Well, the faster the resolution for the customer, the happier the customer.

3. Cut down your customer service costs: Video and voice chat engagement can provide immediate assistance and can also reduce the volume of support calls. And here is how voice and video call support helps to balance the cost factor:

a. Reduces the number of touch points – Using video chat for customer support helps to identify the exact problem faced by the customer and deliver immediate solutions. It reduces the total number of touch points attempted by the customer and improves the first contact resolution.

b. Saves costs of resources – When you offer video chat to handle customer queries there are fewer chances of follow up for the same error. It also reduces the cost of hiring more agents to handle conversations.

c. Reduces help desk costs – Direct chat with customers helps to identify the root cause of the error and offer quick solutions, while also reducing your help desk costs and improving the productivity of help desk agents.

How Do Voice and Video Calling Bots Work?


How Do Voice and Video Calling Bots Help?

  • Since this is video calling through the same bot, the bot can still act like the first level of support by showing FAQs, transactional information like order status, etc.
  • There might be some customer issues where voice or video call may not be required. The bot can also ask the relevant questions to intelligently route to the appropriate department or group of agents
  • The bot can also fetch user details from its own database or from a customer’s CRM records to understand if the user is a premium/gold level customer and only then enable voice or video calling.

Why Voice and Video Calling Bots Now?

  • Communities slowly coming out of lockdown and businesses are opening up.
  • People still prefer to stay at home and transact online to stay safe.
  • This means that businesses need a way to communicate with consumers/users/people while they are at home.

Which Industries are adopting Voice and Video Calls heavily?

Retail – particularly non-essential

  • Eg: Fashion/clothing/boutique. Consumers usually want to see the look and feel of items before purchasing. With these consumers hesitating to venture out to physical retail stores, retailers have had to re-think their strategy. The current workaround is for retail associates on the shop floor to make WhatsApp video calls through their personal numbers in order to show the products to interested customers.
  • With the Yellow.ai solution customers who are viewing a product on the retailer’s website or one of our D2C bots (link here) can immediately get connected to a retail associate who can show the product in real-time through a video call. In addition to this, since this video calling happens on an official channel, rather than on the retail associates’ personal WhatsApp number, these calls can be monitored and rich analytics can be gathered.

Telemedicine and consultation Given the surge in cases all over the world, and in the interest of safety, hospitals, doctors, and patients all prefer to diagnose non-critical illnesses remotely. In fact, the MOHFW, GoI has recently encouraged and put out guidelines for Virtual consultations. With Yellow.ai, the bot can direct the patients to the appropriate department, schedule a consultation with a doctor and start the video or video call at the appropriate time. 

Recruiting Video calling has always been the go-to solution for companies in the initial stages of recruitment. However, with remote work being the norm we have seen increased demand for automation in the recruitment process along with Video calling.

  • Yellow.ai allows recruiters/HR to set up a simple bot that can ask questions to the candidate and qualify them for an initial interview.
  • The bot can also check the calendars and set up an appropriate time for a Voice/Video call interview.

More and more enterprises are acknowledging the importance of delivering a great customer experience.

And businesses are ready to go the extra mile to re-build customer relations in a post-COVID-19 world. With voice and video chat for customer service, enterprises will be able to deliver faster service and boost customer satisfaction. Just what you need.

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