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Get your own WhatsApp Business account and deliver a truly multi-channel experience to your customers on the largest messaging app in the world.

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Support customers on WhatsApp to
improve CSAT

The bot seamlessly switches to a live agent in case of emergencies to address complex queries

Seamless Agent Handoff

Deflect up to 65% of queries to WhatsApp chatbot & save up to 30% of operational costs.

Deflection to Reduce Cost

Be there for your customers on their favorite messaging app 24*7*365

24*7 Customers Support
Seamless Agent Handoff
Deflection to Reduce Cost
24*7 Customers Support

Enable conversational commerce on
WhatsApp to increase sales

Leverage Payment on Whatsapp
Up Sell and Cross Sell
CSAT Proactive Service

Leverage payments by WhatsApp and allow your customers to choose from our wide range of pre-built payment gateways.

Leverage Payment on Whatsap

Suggest similar or relevant products at the right time to customers and increase your sales orders.

Up Sell and Cross Sell

Provide proactive suggestions and reminders about customer’s upcoming payments or product requirements to push CSAT up!

CSAT Proactive Service

Engage your customers to
improve brand loyalty & retention

Generate high intent, qualified leads from digital campaigns & have a two-way conversation, round the clock ensuring higher conversions.

Conversion Leads from Digital Campaign

Send critical business notifications, run targeted campaigns and generate leads with our AI-powered campaign manager

Generate Lead with AI Campaign Manager

Launch promotions to the right customer segment and conduct conversational surveys that help optimise your funnel and enhance your offerings.

Chat bot Conversational Survey
Conversion Leads from Digital Campaign
Generate Lead with AI Campaign Manager
Chat bot Conversational Survey




Business accounts

7 Days

Account approval


Messages per day

yellow.ai’s WhatsApp chatbot puts
your funnel to work for you

Amplify your outreach

Over 99% open rates

Never miss out

Messages are read within 5 minutes

Rich Messaging

Supports Images, Videos & Rich Buttons

Customer Preference

1.5 billion people send 65 billion messages on WhatsApp every day

Higher Response Rate

Adding WhatsApp no. on the website has proven to incerease sales by 30%

We win, when our customers win!

Trusted by 1000+ globally renowned customers

Real customer stories, real impact. Transformational CX built for success.

We win, when our customers win!

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Terms & Conditions

How can I get a free chatbot?

When you sign up for a 12-month chatbot contract, you can get 3 months of chatbot free.

Who can get this offer?

This offer is available for all new customers who are building their first chatbot or porting their WhatsApp Business Account bot from another provider.


What happens after the free trial ends?

We go way beyond predictive and proactive customer support. We enable brands to seamlessly resolve customer issues 24*7*365 and transfer them to live agents in case of complex queries.

What do I need to do to avail this offer?

You must have a verified Facebook Business Manager account in order to get the AI chatbot deployed on WhatsApp.

Which integrations do you support?

We integrate with most popular tools like SalesForce, SAP, AEM, Zendesk and channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Assistant, Emails etc.

Which languages do you support?

Leveraging our Translation-independent Multilingual Model, our customers can train the chatbots in one language and launch them in 100+ languages without translation and re-training.

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