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Re-imagining the Education Industry With Dynamic AI Agents

Conversational AI helps in engaging your student prospects right from the point of admission. Chatbots provide 24x7 delightful experiences with a human touch to make learning fun and fulfilling for students. Dynamic AI agents bring the best NLP capabilities that improve over time.


Conversational AI for Transforming CX in Banking

Conversational banking is a redefined digital banking technology that offers personalized and seamless experiences to customers through digital channels.


Redefining Employee Experience with Conversational AI

The pandemic continues to play hide-n-seek as the global workforce brace themselves for unprecedented waves that delay the return to any semblance of normality. In the wake of it all, enterprises, SMBs and entrepreneurs across the world have accelerated their digital transformation journey while pivoting internal process optimisation to scaling businesses. Employee well-being will take precedence unlike last year when sustenance came at the cost of well-being; while we adapt to the hybrid working environment. In enabling these processes Conversational AI plays a significant role in setting up this digital journey for businesses across industries.


Conversational AI in Gaming

With more than 2 billion gamers in the world, this is a huge opportunity to boost your business growth if you can offer a seamless in-game experience. Automate customer support, speed up resolution time, and empower developers to focus on critical tasks while still reducing support costs–it’s all possible with AI. This whitepaper is a thorough analysis of gaming market growth, strategies to enhance the gaming experience with AI, and upcoming trends in the future of gaming.


Conversational AI in Retail and E-commerce

Do you know that 71% of consumers want a consistent shopping experience across different channels? More than half of the consumers prefer a business that they can chat and shop on. If you’re not serving customers at every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey, you’re losing massive sales opportunities. Customers prefer chat apps for initial contact because of the quick response time. All this is possible with conversational AI.


Conversational AI for Employee Experience

Organizations that create personalised, authentic experiences can underpin employee purpose, and motivate plus elevate the organization-wide performance. Employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your business. It includes every interaction that happens along the employee life cycle, plus the experiences that involve an employee's role, workspace, manager and wellbeing. In order to facilitate delightful experiences, we should focus on them instead of focusing on processes. It will help you create moments that matter most to people and your business goals.


Total Experience Automation

Total experience (TX) is a business strategy that interlinks customer experience (CX), employee experience(EX), user experience (UX) and multi-experience (MX) disciplines across the organization. TX is not just about technology or adopting a certain application. TX is about how to use the technology, relevant tools and interactions to enhance, empower and embolden both customers and employees. TX comes to life in moments of truth when employees and customers meet.


Conversational AI in Metaverse

Metaverse is a mixed reality made up of a combination of technologies and trends like AR, head-mounted displays (HMDs), the Internet of Things (IoT), an augmented reality (AR) cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) and spatial technologies; a persistent, immersive digital environment.


Chatbot Conversation Template

Conversation Design is the design of the interaction flow of “conversation” between a Dynamic AI agent chatbot and an end-user based on how people communicate in life.

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