60 Deployable Chatbot Ideas For Businesses: Part I

June 06, 2022 • 7 minute read

Sticking to facts and data, by the year 2022, chatbots will be in charge of cost savings of over $8 billion per annum. Chatbots are spreading all over the global marketplace with full valor, and why not! With such statistics, every industry is looking for an opportunity to use chatbots to simplify their business processes and improve customer experience.

Articulating the best and most feasible chatbot use cases for 2022, we want to help businesses understand how can chatbots help them bridge the gap between customers and the best customer experience. In addition, we have added a free template using which businesses can build a CX strategy and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

What are chatbots?

Conceptually, chatbots are software applications that can be integrated with a business communication channel, such as a website, app, or even social media, so as to provide an unparalleled customer experience. When combined with artificial intelligence, chatbots can simulate human-like conversations and improve with every interaction. Leveraging technologies like NLP and machine learning, AI chatbots are helping businesses excel in their communication strategies, be it text or voice.

The sophistication and practical usability of conversational chatbots is increasing day by day. With technological evolutions, businesses are adopting chatbots with new ideas of implementation.

60 Simple chatbot ideas for every industry- Part I

Artificial intelligence and chatbots come with a wide range of possibilities and innovations in their use cases. Every day, budding chatbot ideas can help businesses evolve their operations and functionalities. From handling customer inquiries to automating HR processes, chatbots have now built a place in every department of an organization.

Let us now discuss some of the easily deployable chatbot ideas for different industries.

1. Retail and e-commerce industry

Scrolling through an eCommerce website and understanding all its products and services is not easy. It is like a deep sea of links, social media accounts, product information pages, and emails. Chatbots can help customers in gliding through the website, and order exactly what customers want with complete knowledge about the product. Retail and eCommerce chatbots can be divided as:

Chatbot use cases for e-commerce industry

a. Customer onboarding chatbots

E-commerce businesses can employ chatbots to welcome customers as soon as they land on the website/landing page. By doing this, businesses can ensure that there is no delay in onboarding customers and understanding their requirements.

b. Order management chatbots

From placing orders, to tracking, exchanging, or returning orders, all these operations can be taken up by a chatbot. For any customer queries, related to these functions, chatbots take up complete responsibility for resolving them. 

c. Product recommendation chatbots

Chatbots have all the previous and current data of a customer, using which they can provide genuine product recommendations to the customers based on their choices and preferences.

d. Billing chatbots

Managing billing and accounting is a tedious and time-consuming task. With billing chatbots, businesses can automate the billing process and process payments done by their customers.

2. Travel and hospitality industry

Customers have taken the travel and hospitality industries from offline to online. Using several tools and platforms to compare prices, bookings, and planning travel details, the travel industry has given customers the opportunity to access all destinations at their fingertips.

Chatbots are another addition to the comfort and convenience of customers. For the travel industry, chatbots can help customers throughout their customer journey, from booking a flight to preparing itineraries for the travel plan.

Chatbot use cases for travel and hospitality industry

a. Booking and reservation chatbots

From booking flights and hotels to reserving a table at a luxurious restaurant, every task can be completed using a chatbot. The ease of making reservations or booking tickets with a chatbot can help businesses with the best management and simplify the complete customer experience.

b. Travel planning chatbots

For companies, planning trips and providing itineraries is a time-consuming process. Chatbots can easily do this and share a travel plan as per the destination and interests of the customers. This can save a lot of time and effort for company employees, as well as the customers.

c. Local insider chatbots

Chatbots can be your tour guide who knows all about the place and can take you to amazing places. The review and research required while traveling to a new city can be done by a chatbot. 

3. Banking and insurance industry

Chatbots are being used in the financial industry for over a decade now. They have been extremely helpful for businesses and customers. From customer support to payment processing, they can take care of all the customer queries and requirements and make the processes as light as a feather. With the evolution in the fintech sector, there are many chatbot ideas that can be applied for a better customer experience.

Chatbot use cases for banking and finance industry

a. Financial advisory chatbot

With machine learning, AI chatbots can retain and process historical data about their customers. Using this data, chatbots are able to understand the spending patterns and buying habits of the customers. Chatbots can therefore provide the best financial advice and suggestions to customers about investing their hard-earned money.

b. Payment processing chatbot

Chatbots can remove the redundancy of entering the details and amount again and again and enable bill or subscription payments from the chat window. Payments are secure and reduce the risk of errors of any kind.

c. Insurance and loans chatbot

Chatbots can simplify the process of applying for loans and insurance for customers and for businesses. With proper data training, chatbots can learn all about the policies and procedures for applying and providing a loan or insurance. No customer effort or churn is required once a chatbot comes to play in the fintech sector.

4. Educational chatbots

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the world education system to online platforms. Lectures, examinations, assignments, and results, everything has moved to the virtual classroom. However, teachers cannot be replaced by chatbots, but artificial intelligence and automated conversations can help a lot.

Chatbot use cases for education industry

a. Personal tutor chatbot

Not every student has the same pace of learning, and with online learning, teachers are unable to understand where students are lagging. Chatbots can help each student ask their concerns and clarify their doubts without any hesitation.

b. Student support chatbot

In case of any queries not related to academics, students can reach out to a student support chatbot. For example, queries related to the schedule of the course, scholarship, certificates and much more can be resolved by a student support chatbot.

c. Administrative chatbot

Chatbots can share the course and enrollment information, fee structure, news about the institution and the events happening. The administration of any educational institution can deploy an altogether separate chatbot for handling repetitive administrative tasks.

d. Teacher’s virtual assistant

Faculties have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. From teaching to clarifying doubts, sharing assignments, evaluating and assessing each student’s performance. With proper training, AI chatbots can be used to automate these tasks.

5. Healthcare and pharma chatbots

The healthcare industry, today more than ever, needs as much help as possible. With the pandemic and all other diseases coming together and rushing towards the industry, healthcare personnel has become overburdened.

Chatbot use cases for healthcare and pharma industry

a. Appointment scheduling chatbots

Help your patients' book appointments without making calls. Healthcare chatbots can be used to schedule appointments as per the schedule of doctors and problems faced by the patient. In case of an emergency, there is always an option to connect with an agent who can understand the situation and provide instant assistance. 

b. Physician’s virtual assistants

Doctors need to keep track of their patient's history, appointments, medicines and keep a record of their progress. They need an assistant to maintain these records and share them with the doctor whenever needed.

AI chatbots can help in maintaining records and sharing detailed information about the patients with the doctor at any given time.

c. Weight-loss chatbots

The health and wellness industry is moving with a digital-first approach allowing its customers to get their workout charts and diet plans in their comfort zone. Chatbots can be a great help in sending messages to the customers, reminding them about their weight goals and following up with them on their daily routines. 

d. Information collection chatbots

Chatbots can come in very handy when it comes to collecting information about patients and wellness customers. Instead of dedicating a human resource to collecting information, doctors can use chatbots for document collection and verification.

6. Real estate chatbots

More than half of the people looking for properties, look and purchase over the internet. 93% of the realtors communicate with their clients via messaging. The best chatbot idea is to integrate to your website and mobile app so that customers can e-meet the dealers and realtors over your website itself.

Real estate chatbots can help businesses generate and qualify leads, support customers with all their concerns, and interact with them in real-time.

Chatbot use cases for real estate industry

a. Property visit scheduling chatbots

Instead of wasting hours on making random calls and catching leads, real estate agents must focus on providing good property visits to the interested customers. Leaving attracting leads and scheduling property visits can be automated using chatbots.

b. Virtual property tour chatbots

When it comes to buying or renting properties, customers have a list of conditions that must be fulfilled by the house. Chatbots can help customers get a 360-degree virtual property tour before actually visiting it. This saves time for both the customer and the real estate agent.

c. Follow-up chatbots

Deals close and customers convert through continuous follow-ups and communication. However, now real estate agents don’t need to multi-task following up on the customers while completing other tasks. It can be taken care of by the real estate chatbots.

d. Loan and mortgage chatbots

Buying or renting a property has never been easy in customers’ pockets. They generally end up spending a lump sum in order to get the home of their dreams. Chatbots can provide them with all possible options for managing their finances and making the home their own.

If you do not find yourself fitting to any of these industries, we have a part II of chatbot ideas that cover many more industries that can leverage chatbots in one or the other way and automate their business operations.

With some extraordinary benefits of chatbots and automation in customer experience, more organizations are shifting their focus to the different use cases of chatbots and their implementation in businesses. 

Businesses that have integrated AI chatbots have seen a huge difference in their customer experience and the growth in their revenue. For this reason, today chatbots have gained a substantial place in the conversational AI space. Each industry is trying its hands with chatbots and automation in customer experience and implementing various chatbot ideas in their businesses.

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