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Real estate chatbot – Benefits & use cases

Published: May 30, 2022
Updated: September 03, 2023
Real estate chatbot – Benefits & use cases

If you’re in real estate, you’re in the business of relationships. Handshakes, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings have been the bread and butter of real estate transactions for decades. But let’s face it—the game is changing.

Roughly 93% of homebuyers start their search online, according to a Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report. If you’re still relying on just traditional methods for client interaction, you’re practically handing over the tech-savvy segment of the market to competitors.

So, what’s the secret sauce for keeping up with today’s on-demand, tech-savvy clients without losing that personal touch? Say hello to real estate chatbots. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill automated responders; we’re talking about sophisticated, AI-powered tools that can handle everything from pre-qualifying leads to scheduling property viewings, and so much more!

So, if you want to stay ahead in this fast-paced, digital-first world, it’s time to make room for chatbots in your real estate toolkit. Ready to dive in? Keep reading.

What is a real estate chatbot?

A real estate chatbot is a specialized form of conversational AI designed to serve the unique needs of the real estate industry. Imagine a tireless team member who’s always available to field customer inquiries, schedule property viewings, and filter out serious buyers from window-shoppers. That’s what a real estate chatbot brings to the table. It’s a game-changing AI tool tailored to the unique demands of the real estate sector. With capabilities that go far beyond simple Q&A, today’s advanced chatbots can interact with clients, sift through property listings, and even offer personalized suggestions—all without breaking a sweat or drawing a salary.

Importance of chatbots in the real estate industry

A real estate chatbot can be your human agents’ ultimate sidekick, filling in the gaps and adding another layer of efficiency to your customer service operations. While your skilled agents focus on negotiating deals and building relationships, the chatbot takes care of the preliminary inquiries and scheduling, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks. Together, they create a seamless customer experience that’s available 24/7, on channels your customers prefer, and meeting modern consumers’ expectations for speed and convenience.

According to a Deloitte survey, automation technologies like chatbots can enhance employee productivity by as much as 20%. In real estate, this translates to agents getting more bandwidth to focus on high-impact tasks such as strategic marketing and finding the perfect property fits for clients.

But the beauty of chatbots in real estate isn’t just in back-office productivity; it’s on the customer-facing front, too. Imagine a world where your customers can get instant, highly personalized property recommendations at any hour, in any language. That’s not a futuristic vision; it’s today’s reality thanks to advanced chatbots. They don’t just answer questions; they engage customers in meaningful interactions, understanding their unique needs and preferences. In today’s hyper-competitive real estate market, a chatbot isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity for both operational efficiency and next-level customer service.

Benefits of using chatbots in the real estate industry

Real estate organizations deploying chatbots for varied use cases have seen nothing but benefits. Here’s how implementing a real estate chatbot can give your business the edge you’ve been looking for.

1. 24/7 customer service:

Your customers don’t stop looking for properties after 5 PM. A chatbot is like your tireless wingman, ready to jump in and field questions from potential clients around the clock. Give your customers and prospects constant availability, so you never miss out on capturing a lead because it’s too late or too early.

2. Lead generation

This isn’t your grandpa’s Rolodex! A chatbot can pull in hot leads like a magnet, qualifying them before your team even lifts a finger. This facilitates not only immediate interaction but also nurtures leads through the sales funnel faster, providing your human agents with pre-qualified leads to follow up on.

3. Automated property matching

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually sifting through listings to find the perfect fit for a client. With a chatbot, it’s like having a matchmaker that knows both the client and the inventory inside out. Making them perfectly equipped to understand client needs and instantly suggest properties that meet those criteria, making the matching process seamless.

4. Immediate response

No one likes being left on “read,” especially not potential buyers or renters. A chatbot gets back to them instantly, keeping the conversation flowing and the interest piqued. This not only enhances the customer experience but also can be the difference between securing a client and losing one to a competitor.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Let’s talk turkey—cutting costs is always a win. Chatbots can handle multiple conversations at once, meaning you get more bang for your buck. The initial setup cost of a chatbot is dwarfed by the savings it offers in the long term.

6. Increased efficiency

Time is money, and chatbots save you loads of both. They can handle the legwork, like scheduling tours or sending property details, letting your team focus on closing deals.

7. Omnichannel customer engagement

We’re talking 360-degree engagement here. Whether it’s through social media platforms of their choice, messaging apps, emails, SMS, or even voice tech, a chatbot can reach your clients where they hang out, making sure you’re always top of mind.

8. Data collection and analysis

Chatbots don’t just interact; they learn. This constant learning process provides invaluable data, offering insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can be crucial for your marketing strategies.

9. Multilingual support

In an increasingly globalized world, offering support in multiple languages is a massive plus. Chatbots can effortlessly handle this, breaking down language barriers and expanding your market reach, fast and without burning a hole in your wallet.

10. Routine task automation

From setting up appointments to sending out reminders and follow-up messages, chatbots take care of the routine tasks that, although small, are time-consuming. This ensures a smoother workflow and a more focused approach to customer service.

Top 15 use cases of chatbots in the real estate industry

There are an infinite number of business operations that go behind running a real estate organization. Some of these are mundane and repetitive while some need the emotional intelligence of human resources.

We have listed below 15 tasks that can be automated using a real estate chatbot. Depending on your feasibility and business processes, you can use conversational AI for one or all of these use cases.

1. Converting digital visitors into leads

If you want to capture your website visitors and convert them into leads, a real estate chatbot is a tool for you. With immediate and personalized attention, chatbots can engage visitors and ask for their requirements in detail. Once a visitor enters the details, your sales representatives connect with them and push them forward into the sales process. Even if a customer is not willing to share their details, chatbots can engage with them and help them build a relationship with the company.

2. Building customer profiles as per demographics

Chatbots can take customer data such as their preferred location, budget, requirements, property type and if they are looking for any special amenities. Based on this data, they create customer profiles that can be further kept under one umbrella with similar profiles. Data converted into information becomes useful for real estate companies. Chatbots as well as human agents can use this well-categorized, segregated information to target their customers based on different properties. 

3. Property discovery and suggestions

Real estate chatbots are like a personal shopping assistants for homes. They engage in a conversation with your prospects to understand the key preferences—be it a suburban home with a garden or a city apartment close to public transit. Once they have that data, they use complex algorithms to sort through property listings, giving them suggestions that are tailored. No more sifting through irrelevant listings; it’s all about efficiency and personalization.

4. Virtual staging and visualization

Real estate chatbots can instantly provide virtual tours or video content for listed properties, offering an immersive experience. They can also offer virtual staging services, allowing clients to see how empty spaces can be transformed. According to a study by Matterport, listings with a virtual tour receive 49% more qualified leads.

5. Scheduling property visits

Chatbots in the real estate industry can enable scheduling a property visit without making any calls or sending emails. Customers can directly select a time from the available time slots and visit the place at their convenience. This feature reduces the number of calls for property dealers and real estate agents and allows them to focus more on converting the prospects into paying customers.

6. Automating follow-ups

Sales representatives and real estate agents clearly understand that in order to bring in some conversions, follow-ups are extremely important. Customers tend to be more inclined towards businesses that engage and build a rapport with them. Conversational AI in real estate can help automate follow-ups and provide answers to customer questions if any. It can provide a seamless agent handoff in case of complex queries.

7. Resolving queries about properties in real-time

Chatbots are known for their contribution to supporting customers and resolving queries in real-time. In the real estate industry, customers will usually go for a property hunt after their offices and have queries at odd hours and days. It is a challenge for companies to get back to their customers in real-time. This is when chatbots come in handy. They can be the first line of defense that respond to your customers instantly, and give them an estimated time of resolution in case of a complex query.

Think of this as a preliminary legal consult without the hefty hourly rates. Chatbots can guide your customers through the labyrinth of real estate legalities, offering general advice and even assisting with document preparation. Also, buying or renting a property is not as easy as a pie. Customers survey all possible options and go with a property that provides the most feasible loans or mortgage options. It is crucial for a real estate business to provide complete details about the available payment options to the customers. This is where chatbots can be of help. They can calculate loans and give the customers the most convenient and economical deals. 

9. Providing assistance throughout the sale process

Real estate isn’t just about finding a home; for many, it’s an investment. Chatbots can serve up investment advice based on market trends and investment returns, backed up by real-time data and statistics. A Zillow report showed that 63% of homebuyers are interested in such tips. This way, you’re not just buying a property; you’re securing an asset, informed by the most current market data.

10. Easing documentation and record-keeping

Once a customer decides to buy or rent a property, there is a lot of paperwork required to close the deal. For security reasons, businesses need to verify where their customers come from, their profession and other details. Chatbots help in collecting and verifying the documents. They can also share documents such as a rent agreement or a sales deed with the customers. Sharing documents through a chatbot also helps in record-keeping which is beneficial for businesses as they can refer to it anytime they need to.

11. Collecting customer reviews

Reviews are another great source of building trust and increasing traction on your business website, app or social media platforms. Especially in the case of properties, customers rely a lot on reviews and ratings. With the help of chatbots in the real estate industry, businesses can collect customer reviews. It is easier for customers to provide reviews on a chat while interacting instead of filling out forms or speaking with an agent.

12. Sending payment reminders

Chatbots can send notifications to the customers about new property listings, installment reminders and any fraudulent activities in customers’ accounts. Reminders can help customers to meet the payment deadlines and avoid any kind of penalty fees or punishments.

13. Post-sale service

The relationship doesn’t end at the sale, and that’s where chatbots come into play again. They’re available to keep you updated on things like maintenance services, neighborhood amenities, or warranty issues. This isn’t just customer service; it’s customer engagement, ensuring they remain satisfied long after the ink on the contract has dried. This could lead to improved referrals from highly satisfied customers.

14. Auction participation

If you’ve ever tried your hand at an auction, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. Now imagine doing it from the comfort of one’s home. Chatbots can provide real-time auction updates, including current bids, time remaining, and even facilitate the bidding process, making it more accessible.

15. Tenant screening

For property managers, screening tenants for rental properties is both critical and time-consuming. Enter AI chatbots. They can not only gather preliminary information but also cross-reference it with public records and credit reports. What you get is a comprehensive profile that’s as close to a background check as you can get without hiring a private eye.

Why choose Yellow.ai chatbot platform as your virtual realtor?

The challenges of the modern real estate business aren’t lost on us. Unpredictable client schedules, time-consuming paperwork, and the difficulty in providing round-the-clock service are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine a world where your potential buyers can virtually walk through a property at midnight, schedule an on-site visit before their morning coffee, and start the onboarding process all while you’re catching some Z’s. With Yellow.ai’s Dynamic Automation Platform (DAP), this isn’t just wishful thinking—it can be your new reality. Here’s how:

1. Eliminate time barriers

Pain Point: In the real estate industry, prospects and clients can be active at any time, and it’s nearly impossible to always be available.

Solution: Our dynamic AI agents deliver round-the-clock responses, meaning no lead ever goes cold. From early morning queries to wee hour property explorations, your business is always ‘open’.

2. Unmatched customer experience

Pain Point: Guiding clients through property options often involves repetitive, time-consuming conversations.

Solution: Offer a 360° virtual tour right within the chatbot. Clients can explore properties at their convenience, shortlisting favorites without wasting your valuable time.

3. Hassle-free appointments

Pain Point: Scheduling site visits takes coordination and time, sometimes ending in last-minute cancellations or no-shows.

Solution: Our bots not only schedule appointments but provide all the essential information for on-site visits, making sure both parties are well-prepared, thus reducing the chances of wasted time.

4. Streamlined onboarding

Pain Point: Document collection and verification during the client onboarding process are tedious and prone to human error.

Solution: Automate the entire process via our Generative AI-powered real estate bots. Everything, from document collection to contract signing, happens seamlessly, reducing the margin for error and speeding up the transaction.

5. Cost efficiency

Pain Point: High operational costs are always a concern, especially when you’re dealing with a large number of property options and clients.

Solution: Our chatbots take care of the grunt-work while driving productivity multifold, thereby allowing you to reduce operational costs by an astounding 60%, giving you the financial flexibility to grow your business.

6. Quality and quantity

Pain Point: Real estate agents are often caught in the dilemma of choosing between sifting through leads to find the ones that are genuinely interested and finding ways to generate a larger volume of potential leads.

Solution: Yellow.ai’s next-gen chatbots excel at both. By conducting initial conversational interactions, they help you gauge and filter prospects’ needs for a more targeted follow-up, ensuring quality. At the same time, their ability to handle multiple conversations simultaneously means you’re capturing more leads than ever before, thus boosting quantity.

7. Automated yet personalized marketing at scale

Pain Point: Real estate business owners often struggle to maintain a personalized touch in their marketing campaigns as they scale up, usually due to limitations in manpower and resources.

Solution: Yellow.ai’s Conversational Commerce Cloud (CCC) empowers you to send targeted messages, updates, and promotions to segmented customer groups without losing that personalized touch. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms and customer data analytics, our platform enables you to craft individualized campaigns that resonate with different customer segments while maintaining efficiency at scale. With Yellow.ai, you can elevate your marketing efforts to new heights without sacrificing the personal connection that’s so crucial in the industry.

So, if you’re in the real estate business and looking for solutions that not only promise efficiency but deliver it, Yellow.ai is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Real estate chatbot – FAQs

What is a real estate chatbot?

Think of it as your real estate fairy godparent, always there to make the entire property-finding or selling experience easier. It’s software designed to handle multiple tasks—from answering your basic questions to even setting up property viewings—automatically, without human intervention.

How can chatbots be used in real estate?

From property matching to tenant screening, chatbots in real estate are a Swiss army knife. They can be great as a first point of contact for property inquiries generating leads and pushing them further into the funnel with minimal human intervention.

Can chatbots provide 24/7 customer service in real estate?

Absolutely. Whether it’s midnight or high noon, your real estate chatbot is ready to assist. This continuous service drastically cuts down wait time, something we all can appreciate.

How can chatbots help in lead generation for real estate businesses?

Chatbots are like fishermen with nets made of algorithms, always ready to capture leads. They can engage visitors on your website, gather contact info, and even qualify these leads based on your criteria.

How can a chatbot aid in property search and recommendation?

Chatbots use sophisticated algorithms to filter through property listings based on the criteria you provide. After capturing your preferences—like location, budget, and amenities—the chatbot scans its database to recommend properties that are a near-perfect match. It essentially functions as an automated real estate advisor, doing the heavy lifting so you can simply review options that are tailored to your needs.

What benefits can a chatbot bring to the real estate industry?

Imagine amplifying your sales team, customer service, and data analysts all at once. Chatbots bring efficiency, 24/7 availability, and in-depth analytics that can steer a real estate business towards better ROI.

How can a chatbot aid in property search and recommendation?

Yes, chatbots can be explicitly programmed to field a range of property-related questions, from basic queries like “What’s the square footage?” to more complex ones like “What’s the neighborhood’s crime rate?” Using a combination of pre-loaded information and real-time data retrieval, chatbots can offer detailed responses that keep potential buyers or renters well-informed.

How cost-effective is the deployment of chatbots in real estate?

In the long run, chatbots are a bargain. They handle tasks that would otherwise require multiple employees, saving both time and money, and they don’t ask for weekends off or health insurance.

Can a chatbot help in scheduling property visits?

Yes, and it can much more! It can give you a virtual tour before you visit in person, and actually set up visits for you by aligning with your and the seller’s schedule to find the perfect time slot, no awkward phone calls required.

What is the future of chatbots in real estate?

With advances in AI, the sky’s the limit. As generative AI and other advanced technologies become more sophisticated, we’ll see chatbots capable of not just answering queries but also engaging in nuanced conversations, offering insightful recommendations, and even negotiating deals.

Imagine a chatbot that can simulate virtual property tours in real-time, provide instant mortgage approval estimates, or even help in contract drafting. These aren’t far-off scenarios; they’re the next frontier in real estate customer engagement. So, as these technologies evolve, expect a synergistic blend of human expertise and AI capabilities to redefine the industry standards.


Alright, let’s bring it all home. We’ve delved into the high-stakes world of real estate and seen how chatbots are more than just the new kid on the block. From around-the-clock customer service to high-quality lead generation, and from tailoring property matches to data analysis—these chatbots are bona fide MVPs. And hey, with advancements like generative AI, we’re talking about bots that are smart, adaptable, and hyper-aware of client needs. So, if you’re still on the fence, remember: investing in a real estate chatbot now sets you up for success in an ever-evolving, highly competitive market.

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