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Conversational Commerce For Facebook Messenger: Sales Come To The Customer’s Chatbox

November 20, 2020  •  6 minute read

Innovation In Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Meets Facebook Messenger With Its New Adaptive Marketing Tactics

Introduction to Conversational Commerce on Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is the testament of how its Messenger can be used to help a business flourish through the evolution of a new kind of Commerce, i.e. Conversational Commerce. Bringing a new level of personalization and interactive interface for the prospective and existing customers, C-Commerce can truly boost your sales and customer base with an intelligent platform that caters to customized requirements. 

You may have read several articles and blogs talking about how Conversational Commerce and AI are the future of digital marketing, but very few of them discuss the workings of it. Sure, they explain the basics about the role of conversational AI in commerce and messengers, but there is a serious lack of an article that would help you understand clearly and concisely what Conversational Commerce for Facebook Messenger actually can do for a business and a customer.

This blog will discuss everything ranging from the meaning of the new term C-Commerce to the real-life application of it and the benefits of integrating your brand’s Facebook Messenger with the C-Commerce interface.

What Is Conversational Commerce? 

What happens when the hottest marketing trend meets the general public available on the world’s largest social media platform? It creates a pool of leads so big that a company has infinite potential for growth and expansion of their brand name. Facebook has 2.7 billion active users per month in the second quarter of the year 2020, and the numbers are expected to spike due to the pandemic. All they have to do is create Facebook Messenger marketing plans that offer something of value to the users and bring it to them rather than them having to find it!

Conversational Commerce and Facebook advanced messaging bridges the gap between a brand and its customers by giving them the opportunity to reach out personally and establish a relationship. So whatever questions a customer or interested buyer may have for the said brand can be asked directly by a Conversational AI chatbot on the Messenger app. This extends into a part of customer service and brand management since 40% of people have shown a preference for c-commerce.

Imagine how convenient it would be to find a Facebook Ads, clicking on it, and being taken to their Messenger to make inquiries at any time of the day without ending up on a landing page where you would have to do everything yourself. When deals and sales can be cracked on Facebook Messenger for business using Conversational AI, a customer doesn’t need to look elsewhere.

E-commerce is all about variety and choice, while C-Commerce revolves around convenience for the user. While E-Commerce requires a customer to browse through thousands of collections, C-Commerce with Conversational AI is intelligent enough to bring to a customer exactly what they’re looking for. 

How Messenger Along With Conversational Commerce is Helping Brands Extend Their Reach

As per Gartner Forrester, the interest of enterprises with any kind of chatbot implementation on their platform has shot up to a whopping 160% since 2018. Integrating Conversational AI chatbots along with Facebook Messenger for business hold a plethora of benefits for brands wanting to reach out to potential customers beyond their physical reach. This happens due to the Facebook Messenger Marketing tactics that allow you to target and retarget the audience as per their preferences and interests or even competitive brands. With Facebook retargeting, lead generation becomes simpler as you can define the metrics of your preference and find a huge pool of leads waiting to be converted. 

Adapting to conversational platforms and marketing techniques is inevitability due to the increasing numbers of millennials at work and also their increasing purchasing power. Gartner predicts that by 2022, at least 70% of all white collared jobs will have some level of engagement using conversational AI. This stands true in an accelerated sense for other sectors as well.

Using Chatbots integrated with Conversational AI on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp chatbot and other platforms can help a brand to reach out with innovative solutions to the customized demands of customers. However, if you believe that there is a more personalized approach you can take that can beat Machine Learning bots to provide human advice to customers, it would help extend your reach as well. 

Facebook Messenger Chatbots creates Better Customer Experience

  • Why Does Conversational Commerce Work For Both Parties?
  1. Strengthens the bond and loyalty between a customer and the brand.
  2. A brand has the opportunity to reach their customers and leads at their platform of preference, i.e. Messenger.
  3. The element of time constraints is lifted since Conversational AI can tend to multiple clients at any time of the day by providing them adaptive solutions, while human customer care can take over more important tasks.
  • The Impact Of C-Commerce And Messaging Apps
  1. Facebook Messenger for business has brought much convenience to customers during the pandemic, that going back to old ways will be a struggle- which works to the advantage of brands.
  2. Since the lockdown restricted customers from reaching brands physically, a brand reaching out to its customers by providing tailored services through brand marketing increased its brand image.
  3. Access to the customer and brand goes both ways, which means the barrier of personal connection has dissolved, thanks to C-Commerce in Messaging Apps.

Conversational Commerce and Facebook Messenger

Charlie is a member of your online shopping website and has given express consent for you to be able to notify and contact him on Facebook since he logged in using his Facebook account. Suppose that Charlie is interested in buying a plaid shirt for Halloween season on your site and likes one, but he has a few questions regarding the product. There is a Messenger icon by the product that Charlie notices, but just as he’s about to reach out, he gets a zoom call from work.

Hours later, the plaid shirt is completely forgotten, thanks to work and priorities. Here your brand stands a risk of the cart being abandoned, and the most you could do with E-Commerce marketing techniques would be to send an email prompt to complete the purchase. This may go straight to spam or Charlie may never be notified since it’s not a priority message. 

The game changes when you bring in Conversational Ai into Facebook Messenger. You can send an attractive picture of the product along with an additional 10% discount available for the next 3 hours on checkout straight to Charlie’s messenger app. As soon as he clicks on the message, he’s redirected to the cart and can make his purchase, thus reducing your cart abandonment rates.

Facebook Messenger is Future of Conversational Commerce

Now that you have the top to bottom rundown about how Facebook Messenger teamed up with Conversational AI can be a boon for Conversational Commerce, we hope you will give your business brand the advantage of reaching out to your audience before they even know they are your future customers. C-commerce does not simply stop at conversion, it goes all the way to customer satisfaction and encouraging repurchases while reducing the chances of cart abandonment as well. Yellow.ai is your one-stop blog to understand the latest progress in technology integrated with the business world, stay tuned, and subscribe to us to stay updated with tech-trends. If you’d like to step on to the progressive conversational commerce bandwagon, Yellow.ai can help you integrate your Facebook Messenger for Business with the right tools to get started right away; contact us today!


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