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Healthcare Chatbot Atop Google’s Business Messages

November 24, 2020  •  4 minute read

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, the need for healthcare bots decoupled. We saw government and healthcare agencies adopting chatbot either on the website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp to provide COVID related information to the masses as soon as possible. 

The only platform that was left hanging was Google’s search page and Maps. But with Google introducing Google’s Business Messages – the market need got complete!

Using Google’s Business Messages Hospitals, Government bodies can keep the masses informed and also book tests by just accessing the virtual assistant. If the user is not comfortable coming to the center, they can book the test by chatting with the intelligent Virtual Assistant on the Google Search page by just searching the hospital or health center. For example, if residents of Mumbai search for Metropolis Hospital, they can chat with the Metropolis Chatbot and book the COVID test.

This was really needed, especially in these times where human contact is taboo. And the tests can be booked in a jiffy by just giving their details while chatting with the bot, rather than going through multiple website pages, applications, and calls. This largely avoids too many to and fro communications and wastage of time.

Here are 6 Reasons Healthcare Chatbot atop Google’s Business Messages for Healthcare is a complete game-changer

1. Book Tests in a Jiffy

Users can book a COVID test or any other test to be taken right on Google’s search page and Maps by simply searching for the healthcare center in a matter of seconds. As opposed to calling multiple times to book an appointment. 

2. Live Agent

The bot can easily switch to a live agent and back to automating the FAQ answers for the users, as per the user’s queries. The agent is notified with all the user’s details, to help them provide the best personal experience and not having to repeatedly ask questions to the customers for their details.

For example, for Metropolis Hospital, the bot takes all the users’ details whenever they opt to take any test over Google Search page or Maps and notifies the agent so they can call the user the very day.

3. FAQs 

Automate all tests related queries or health plan queries right on the Google Search page. This saves a lot of touchpoints between the hospital staff and patients. 

4. Buy Health Plans

Rather than checking multiple websites for health plans. Patients can directly check with the health center for all the health plans available to them or insurance that they have. Saving a lot of unnecessary time. Patients can check-in right from the Google Search page. 

Isn’t that just great?

Here below Metropolis Chatbot on the Google Search page is helping its patients to book and browse health plans right on Google’s search page.

5. 24/7/365 Days Care

Health issues can arise at any moment of the time, that is why all the healthcare professionals are always available 24/7/365 days. Shouldn’t their assistant be also present and helping 24/7?

With AI-enabled Chatbot atop Google’s Business Messages even if your healthcare officials are not available to help with your query or booking any test, it is always available and supporting healthcare professionals and patients alike -24/7/365 days

6. Custom Analytics

Yellow Messenger provides custom analytics as per the business requirements. And trains the bot for the most asked questions, and user’s intents. 

By introducing Chatbots atop Google’s Business Messages, Google immerse the possibility of best patient care. The possibility of its use cases is just limited by the human imagination. With social distancing being the norm who better to take care of user’s query than an AI-powered Chatbot atop Google’s Business Messages.

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