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Tap into the power of omnichannel customer experience

Reduce up to 70% of operational costs

With self-learning chatbots, automate ~80% queries, leaving your employees free to address critical requests. Our chatbots proactively learn from the live agents because of a self-learning loop.

Meet customers where they are

Support your customers around the globe, across 35+ text & voice channels, in 100+ languages, 24×7. Make your conversations comprehensive and productive, from day zero by connecting your systems and choosing from a wide-range of integrations.

Self-serve up to 80% queries

Ticketing is antiquated. End-to-end fulfillment of workflows go beyond simply relaying the information back to the customers. Allow customers to self-serve their needs, instantly. Zero wait time and high first call resolution rates ensure higher CSAT.

Seamlessly switch to live agent

The historic context maintained from past conversations gets passed on to human agents who pick the conversation from where the chatbot left off, giving a personalized experience to the customer.

Conduct humanistic conversations at scale

Our NLP model adapts to an evolving multi-turn conversation with changing context across multiple channels. Since we train chatbots on a zero-shot learning model, they provide highest accuracy from day one.

Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks
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Turn your customer support from a cost center
to a profit center

Proactive service to grow sales

True CX platforms provide a holistic view of every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle with analysis. With these deep insights on customer behaviour, support chatbots can help upsell when the intent is high to increase revenue.

Accelerated go-to-market strategy

Train your chatbot on thousands of documents with zero manual effort through one-click integrations with your existing knowledge base so you can take your first self-serve chatbot live in just minutes.

Outbound and inbound engagement

​​Engage your customers anytime, when it matters, with the right messaging using our practically designed & automated campaign workflows. Increase website engagement, run promotions and optimize conversion rate with campaign management.

Measure the business impact of the platform

​​Set custom business goals like sales lead collected, goals completed without human intervention. Record customer feedback, NPS scores on the platform and track goal progress with analytics in real time.

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Omnichannel customer experience

AI chatbot enables you to provide consistent support over multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more, that seamlessly connect, allowing customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.
NLP Engine

Proprietary NLP engine

It empowers the chatbot to truly empathize with your customers and use intent recognition to understand the user intent in every query, no matter how complicated it is.

Proactive multilingual support

Based on AI and ML technologies, the chatbot understands your customers no matter what language they speak, with or without local colloquialism – even when they misspell their words. It identifies and converses in 100+ languages and quickly adapts the conversation.

Customizable and scalable

You can customize the chatbot to meet the individual needs of your customers and deploy it to over 35+ channels with a single click.

Advanced contextual understanding

The chatbot uses a cutting edge NLP framework that enables them to extract the relevant data from conversations with users, thus making them more sophisticated and contextual for the subsequent conversations.

Live agent hand-off

The chatbot is able to transfer complex queries to a live agent in the most integrated fashion.

Customer analytics

Chatbot collects customer data in real time which can be used to analyze buying trends and customer behaviour. Companies can also use data to identify any gaps in the product or service.

Easy integrations

AI chatbot can easily be integrated to more than 100 APIs and can be seamlessly connected with internal ERP processes.

No-code development

You can build a bot quickly without no-code input and developer dependence. It’s as easy as drag-and-drop and you can make exciting conversational bots with unique UI features, within 10 clicks.

We win when our customers win chatbot has helped lower 25,000 calls coming into our call centres every month

Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen is helping close 80% tickets on IndiGo’s Dottie, a self-service customer chatbot

Nitin Sethi
Nitin Sethi

Our CSAT participation rate went up from 5-10% to 30-50% which is around 3x to 5x increase using

Ikhsan Widi Adyatma
Ikhsan Widi Adyatma

BLU virtual assistant has generated double-digit million dollar new revenue with upselling and cross selling

Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma
Create value at every touchpoint of the customer journey
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