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Business impact
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Qualify, nurture, close, up-sell
It’s total engagement automation

Identify and qualify the most relevant leads and nurture their interest through bot prompts, in real-time

Sales Funnel Automation

Right time, right place. That’s what matters when upselling and cross-selling. Our smart sentiment - recognition engine pitches precisely at the peak-interest point for best up-selling results.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Tap into the power of targeted rewards, promotions and discounts with our conversational AI-driven engagement. Boost your customer relations and loyalty programs to drive sales and repeat purchases.

Conversational AI-Driven Engagement
Sales Funnel Automation
Upselling and Cross-selling
Conversational AI-Driven Engagement

Engage with your customers
anytime, anywhere - across languages

Engage Customers
Outbound engagement
ABM Strategic

Your global audience can come knocking anytime. Be ready to engage them via our voice and text AI-powered virtual assistants, expertly guiding them through the most-apt workflows. It’s truly 24x7x365

Engage Customers

“Customers don't know what they want until you show them” - Steve Jobs. Engage with your customers proactively on their preferred medium, be it over voice call, WhatsApp, Facebook, in-app or on-website from a single platform.

Outbound engagement

Improve your conversions and sales revenue with intent-triggered conversations. Our voice and text virtual assistants power your account-based marketing (ABM) and campaigns to greater heights.

ABM Strategic

Intuitive, AI - driven customer engagement
for positive marketing automation

Our industry-leading NLP engine performs perfect persona-recognition, fine-tuned nurturing, and intelligent qualifications for progressive customer engagement. This will help shorten lead-times and boost revenue per sales member. Up-scale your marketing now, with our conversational voice and text AI.

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Total CX automation platfrom recognized by Gartner & G2

Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks

Excellent time to value - 60% automation in 30 days of go live

100+ languages available across 35+ text & voice channels.

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