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Enhance the efficacy of your organisational processes with our AI-workers that can self-serve employee needs from scheduling meetings to gaining employee benefits thus improving your capacity to support customers.

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HR Automation Chatbot


Drop in average query resolution time


Reduction in human error


Improved ESAT


Increased productivity

AI workers that put your
data to work for you

Experience a 32% faster & better hiring of candidates. Our chatbots meticulously screen and source candidates that are the best fit for the position so you can have the right people on your team.

HR Automation Data Work 1

Help your candidates get acquainted with their team & respective field of work in a gripping session with digital assistants. Aid mandatory documentation & other mundane tasks, creatively through AI.

HR Automation Data Work 2

Reduce resolution time and resolve tickets faster by predicting future issues, therefore, increasing the efficiency of your workflows, processes and systems.

HR Automation Data Work 3
HR Automation Data Work 1
HR Automation Data Work 2
HR Automation Data Work 3

Enhance EX & reduce operational cost

Reduce Operation 1
Reduce Operation 2
Reduce Operation 3

Save up to 7 man-hours per week & witness a drastically reduced operational expense (14%) right off the bat with the help of our AI-workers.

Reduce Operation 1

Conduct conversational surveys (50% higher response rate compared to static forms) & let your employees know you care with the help of chatbots that analyse millions of conversations to provide a personalised approach to each employee.

Reduce Operation 2

Significantly increase employee satisfaction by offering 24x7 assistance. Our AI-workers assist in scheduling meetings, applying for tax returns, leaves, reimbursements & talent development.

Reduce Operation 3

Smarter people with intelligent
HR service management

With the help of our AI-powered digital assistants, your employees can dramatically improve their performance by focusing on work that matters, giving your organisation the qualitative boost and exponential growth it needs. Learn how our AI-powered chatbots can help you bridge the gap.

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Total CX automation platform recognized by Gartner & G2

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Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks

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Excellent time to value - 60% automation in 30 days of go live

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100+ languages available across 35+ text & voice channels.

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100+ out of the box integrations

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