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18 Reasons To Invest In A Lead Generation Chatbot

May 23, 2022  •  6 minute read

Today, with ever-increasing geographical boundaries and fierce market competition, businesses are on their toes to capture and nurture new customers, and chatbots can be immensely useful in helping them achieve this. A survey shows that 36% of the participant businesses want to set up chatbots to generate leads, and there are sufficient valid reasons to justify these numbers.

Why can chatbots help lead generation strategies?

With their various in-built features, chatbots are ideal for enhancing lead generation, nurturing, and conversion.

1. Round the clock availability

With their infinite availability, chatbots are the preferred choice for businesses and customers alike. They are available for the leads when they need them the most, and it ensures that your business is not missing out on any prospects even when you or your team is physically not available.

2. Better Understanding of the Audience

These intelligent virtual assistants are designed to ask questions and quizzes and conduct surveys for your leads. They enable you to understand more about their interests, likes, and dislikes, besides engaging them effectively. They facilitate you to strategize and showcase them the relevant product offerings to increase lead conversion.

3. Conversational Advertisement

With the introduction of Click-to-Messenger and Click-to-WhatsApp features introduced by Facebook, the wish of marketers came true. Helping customers to interact with the business right at the top of the funnel. Banner Conversational ads are also seen being very popular with customers.

4. Efficient Segmentation

Chatbots enable efficient lead segmentation based on various factors, including visitors’ age, demographics, gender, interest, and more. Besides lead nurturing, they open up further business opportunities. Additionally, this segmentation can be highly impactful as it targets the audience with a fitting solution.

5. Build Relationships

Chatbots engage prospects by offering instant support and a regular, relevant, and consistent conversation. They always take care of customer preferences without being pushy. They help build the users’ trust and reliability, a vital aspect of maintaining a lasting relationship with your prospective customers, and enhance the lead generation process.

6. Make Interactive Conversations

With their interactive and engaging conversations with chatbots, your prospects no longer need to fill out forms, a tedious and monotonous but critical process. Chatbots can collect the same information in a super-effective way, making it customer-friendly and hassle-free. Further, you can offer auto-fill options while gathering information, which accelerates the process by reducing the typing efforts.

Also, the chatbot responds instantaneously, without making your prospects wait before attending them. Further, unlike human representatives, chatbots are free from any judgment and can answer relentlessly, with the same quality, even when the customers ask similar questions over and over. All this results in reduced bounce rates and increased conversion rates.

7. Educate the Audience

You can use chatbots to teach your audience how to get more information on a specific topic, such as a product or concept. This way, the customers can have the needed information at their fingertips and can be better equipped to make buying decisions. It can lead to high customer satisfaction that may boost the chances of lead conversion.

8. Enhance the Reach to Prospective Leads

Statistics show that in 2020, messaging apps are over 20% bigger than social networks. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the two largest global messaging platforms. Using chatbots designed for these platforms significantly increases your chances of reaching your prospective leads across the globe. Facebook chatbot and WhatsApp chatbot can help you connect to your prospects present on these platforms and increase your lead generation and conversion probability by leaps and bounds.

9. Reduce Costs

Stats reveal that chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30%. Chatbots reduce interaction volume by reducing incoming call volume and overall volume of chats, emails, social media queries, and more.

Using chatbots, you can reduce your labour cost to a greater extent by saving on the salaries of call-centre agents as chatbots manage the majority of the queries. When your prospects want to contact a human representative, the agent already knows about your prospect’s query and relevant information and is better equipped to offer a solution. It also helps enhance employee productivity besides lowering cost-per-interaction by providing a quicker resolution to the leads.

10. Live Agent Support

Reduce TAT by automating the entire customer support system by augmenting the customer support, with the help of AI-powered chatbots that switches between bot and agent while taking the information the agent would need to help the customer. With the help of Yellow.ai’s voice and video bot the agent can help by providing video assistant if required.

How can chatbots help enhance lead generation?

Here are some ways chatbots can help you enhance your lead generation.

1. First Impression Matters

Welcome message can be the deal maker! It helps boost the prospect’s engagement and maximizes your lead generation efforts effectively. Communicating with your leads in a way that resonates with them, along with being true to your brand’s voice can go a long way. The intention is to build trust in your prospects, make them feel welcome, and make sure to keep them engaged with your brand.

2. Chatbots and Chat Widgets – A Powerful Combination

Integrate lead chatbots with live chat widgets, which streamlines communication and enables lead generation.

3. Multilingual ChatBots

A report states that customers are 74% more likely to make a purchase when offered support in their native language. Multilingual bots can help you tap these prospects and enhance your lead generation outcomes.

4. Chatbot Orchestration

It is the communication of chatbots with each other to get work done faster! Chatbot orchestration lets the users talk to only one main bot – that can internally refer to several child bots and uses a recommendation engine to suggest the most relevant responses.

5. Plan a Pre-chat Survey

A simple and straightforward pre-chat survey before a chatbot interaction can help you gather your prospect’s basic information that can be essential for your sales and marketing campaign.

6. Set Up an Effective Blog Page

A blog section with great content can get you lots of leads, and a lead bot on a blog page can help you enhance lead generation. Such bots can also ask visitors to suggest a specific topic and recommend relevant blogs.

7. Use Triggered Messages for Customer Engagement

Triggered messages allow you to effectively engage your visitors, convert them into a lead, and reduce bounce rate. As visitors act in an unpredicted way, you can use automated triggered messages to reel them back in and re-engage them.

8. Channel Agnostic Chatbots

Chatbots after being deployed on multiple platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Application, website, etc can help in magnifying the customer support to all customers. Be where your customers are and when your customer is everywhere, why leave a chance of capturing that lead?

With all the right reasons, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Chatbots are revolutionizing the communication between companies and customers. With the proper lead generation strategies, chatbots can enhance lead generation, nurturing, and conversion significantly. Connect with our chatbot implementation experts for a demo.


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