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Explore the latest product and engineering developments at Yellow.ai: A monthly recap

Updated: March 27, 2024
Explore the latest product and engineering developments at Yellow.ai: A monthly recap
Explore the latest product and engineering developments at Yellow.ai: A monthly recap

Ever wondered how your enterprise could leap ahead with advanced AI features? Here’s our monthly round-up of the latest product features updates that can transform your contact center operations and elevate customer satisfaction. 

Email automation:  transform your email support

This month we launched Email Automation to general availability. Powered by Generative AI–enterprises can now automate 80% of incoming email queries; offering round-the-clock, resolutions with human-like empathy, while reducing operational costs.

Key features:

  • Advanced Email Understanding: Decode complex emails effortlessly, across multiple languages.
  • Automated Workflow Triggering: Seamlessly execute workflows and access knowledge bases with ease.
  • Personalized Responses: Craft empathetic responses that align with your brand’s voice.
  • Simplified Classification: Prioritize and categorize emails based on urgency and intent. 
  • Agent Assist: Empower your agents with AI-driven support for swift resolutions.
  • Seamless Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for streamlined operations.

VoiceHUB: Full stack voice AI platform

We launched VoiceHUB recently in Private Beta. VoiceHUB is a centralized voice AI platform that streamlines customer interactions across channels and ticket lifecycles. With Voice Inbox–a key feature of VoiceHUB, you can resolve queries by transitioning calls from voice bots to human agents for quick and personalized customer service.

Key features:

  • Personalized omnichannel support: All customer information, and details of previous issues or tickets are shared across channels and ticket lifecycle.
  • High agent efficiency: Receive contextual information from Voice AI agents, ensuring quick customer service.
  • Elevate operational excellence: Achieve up to 90% automation in handling queries and cut operational costs by 60%.
  • Advanced customer service features: Include contextual handover, automated workflows, live transcription and analysis, and AI-powered agent assistance.
  • Seamless transition between AI and humans: Effortlessly transfer calls from voice bots to human agents for complex inquiries, maintaining a high-quality interaction throughout.

Note: Supported Regions: North America, others will be joining shortly.

Komodo 7B: Diverse languages, united support

Komodo 7B, our latest innovation designed to revolutionize customer interactions while reducing operational costs, stands out from the crowd of LLMs offering discriminative models by leveraging generative models.

With its ability to comprehend intents in 11+ regional Indonesian languages and respond in the customer’s preferred language, Komodo 7B is set to transform the way businesses engage with their customers.

Key features:

  • Streamlined search & summarization: Leverage Komodo-7B to interpret regional language searches, extract pertinent details, and distill lengthy content into summaries for faster comprehension and response.
  • Colloquial understanding: Our LLM gets it – chatting just like your customers do, from everyday language to regional slang.
  • Empathetic sentiment analysis for Indonesian customers: Our model, trained on 8.5B+ Indonesian tokens, gauges customer tone, and sentiment in regional languages, adapting responses for empathetic customer experiences.


User data synchronization from SFTP

You can now schedule regular synchronization of user data directly from SFTP servers to User 360. 

This enhances data management capabilities and boosts data accuracy to help you make more informed decisions based on real-time user insights.


Within Data Explorer, when exporting the User Engagements Events table to CSV format (by selecting the export CSV option), the resulting CSV report will now feature an embedded chat link.

Channels filter in analytics 

Analyze data of individual channels to gain deeper insights into user engagement and interaction patterns across different platforms. 

For instance, you can track how users engage with their content differently on WhatsApp compared to other channels, allowing them to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

Session ID tracking

Tracking of session ID in User-revisited events to help analyze user revisits within support sessions to provide a more comprehensive understanding of user engagement and interaction patterns over time.

Inbox enhancements

Copy & paste text and images from any source 

Effortlessly copy content from any source using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) them directly into the chat or email text editor. This eliminates the tedious task of retyping content or attaching files, streamlining the content insertion process for improved efficiency and user convenience.

Multiple reminders for email tickets 

Send up to 5 reminders to users before automatically closing inactive email tickets to improve engagement and prompt quicker responses by maintaining communication and providing varied follow-up options.

Discover leading conversational AI and Generative AI solutions with Yellow.ai. Stay informed on the latest advancements to enhance your customer support automation strategy. Want to explore these innovative features in action? 

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