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Introducing VoiceHUB – Our full-stack voice AI automation platform

Transform customer service with Yellow.ai’s VoiceHUB, an AI- powered platform for all voice-related customer interactions


Why is VoiceHUB a game-changer in customer service automation?

Centralized voice AI platform
VoiceHub consolidates advanced voice AI capabilities into a single, powerful platform. All customer information, details of previous issues or tickets are shared across channels and ticket lifecycle.
Enhanced efficiency
Agents receive contextual information from Voice AI agents, which reduces response times by up to 50%, ensuring quick, personalized customer service.
Elevated operational excellence
Achieve up to 90% automation in handling queries and cut operational costs by 60%, while enhancing service quality.

VoiceHUB architecture

Introducing voice inbox- 
A key feature of

With our generative AI powered Inbox, resolve queries quickly by effortlessly transitioning calls from voice bots to human agents. Improve customer conversations with quick and personalized customer service, reduce response times and boost agent productivity.

High agent productivity
Equip your agents with real-time AI suggestions to resolve tickets quickly and more effectively, and increase your team’s efficiency by 50%.
Seamless transition between AI and humans
Effortlessly transfer calls from voice bots to human agents for complex inquiries, maintaining a high-quality interaction throughout.
Advanced features for stellar customer service
Includes contextual handover, automated workflows, live transcription and analysis, and AI-powered agent assistance.

Elevate your customer support and contact center operations with VoiceHUB

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