Zalora has leveraged the power of Conversational AI to deliver millions of seamless shopping experiences

Learn how Zalora’s digital transformation of customer support operations have tremendously helped them in a short span of time to achieve higher customer satisfaction scores.

Use case:

Customer Support, Conversational Commerce


Email, Website, WhatsApp

ZALORA is a premium Fashion & Retail destination in Southeast Asia with a perpetually growing presence in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space. In Q2 2021 alone, Zalora recorded more than 3 Million app downloads and witnessed a 7-12% increase in the share of new customers by revenue, from varied geographies.

Retail & eCommerce
South East Asia


Zalora wanted to improve their support operations while working within the
limitations of their current workforce.

With over 3 Million app users using multiple languages and presence across multiple geographies, Zalora was exploring a multipurpose solution that would simplify their online support operations and promotions, while working within the limitations of the same workforce bandwidth.

Solution - Introducing the Zalora Virtual Assistant



With the addition of the Zalora bot, visitors are having delightful shopping experiences. Operations have been automated to a large extent and shoppers can now track orders, process returns and refunds, make exchanges through an Information Center. The automation implementation led to delivering higher customer satisfaction scores for Zalora.


Multilingual capabilities

The Zalora bot can converse in Bahasa, English and Mandarin languages, with customers from different parts of the world. Zalore plans to deploy chatbots in many more languages soon.


Omnichannel support

Present across the Zalora website and mobile app, the bot can address customer queries and issues directly without human intervention, thus leading to immense savings in man hours. The chatbot will soon be available on multiple channels for their customers on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.



Savings in man hours per

1.8 M+

New users served


Bot Accuracy


Conversation sessions

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