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How 300 Childbots Work Together to Generate Revenue and Improve CSAT

Tejeswi Sreekantan

CEO & Co-Founder, Yellow.ai

KV Dipu

President – Operations & Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

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What will you learn?

The need for digital transformation in BFSI

  • Digital transformation in BFSI is a top business imperative to amp up customer experience, drive operational efficiency, and increase revenue.

Customer-facing operations at Bajaj General Insurance

  • How BAGIC customized end-to-end customer-facing operations across digital channels to better meet customer requirements in a post-pandemic world.

Impact of Boing – The Intelligent Virtual Assistant

  • The role of conversational AI-powered intelligent virtual assistant in lowering support call volumes and boosting self-serve support, thereby increasing revenue and improving CSAT.

About Speakers

Raghavendra Kumar Ravinutala

CEO & Co-Founder, Yellow.ai

Raghu Ravinutala is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yellow ai, a conversational AI company enabling enterprises to automate their core business processes and maintain business continuity. He is an alumni of NIT Warangal where he completed his B-Tech in the year 2000. Ever since then, Raghu has been working in the field of technology both in the bay area and India.
KV Dipu

President – Operations & Customer Experience, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Dipu drives digital transformation & industry leadership as the head of operations & customer experience at Asia’s leading general insurance company, Bajaj Allianz. A speaker on digital transformation and innovation at industry forums, he takes sessions for senior industry executives at the National Insurance Academy. He is also a certified lean 6 sigma black belt.

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