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Are Your Agents Equipped To Deal With Escalations The Right Way? CX Automation Can Help!

November 10, 2021  •  3 minute read

Handling and resolving escalation chats/calls/emails can be very daunting. Ideally, SLAs would dictate that you resolve the majority of the queries before it gets escalated, but that’s not always the case. 

If you’re lucky, you’re able to resolve the escalation on the first attempt itself, thereby drastically reducing the customer’s “intent to defect”. If not, the probability of “defecting” keeps rising, until they finally “defect”. 

The reasons for the escalation could be many:

  • Too many legacy systems to fetch information from
  • Lack of training on how to effectively respond to queries
  • Poor communication skills of the agents
  • Long wait time for the query to get addressed
  • Language barrier
  • Repeating query/history to a new agent over different channels
  • And many more

Customers generally reach out to support agents as a last resort, which means they are at their wits end and need a speedy & accurate resolution. If your agent has to toggle between multiple systems & applications just to get the requisite data, the outcome is in jeopardy.

So, in a nutshell, poor Customer Experience = poor CSAT scores = unhappy customers = unhappy organizations.

How is helping organizations to improve customer experiences?

To ensure a seamless and efficient customer experience, organizations must now integrate their  messaging platforms with data management and analytics platforms to enable dynamic customer experiences by developing robust service delivery and out-of-the-box API and middleware integrations.

AI capabilities, such as chatbots, automation and virtual assistants, are now a near necessity to increase conversational experiences and shape business outcomes., a global leader in the conversational AI space with its unique AI+human model has seen this change coming and is now at the forefront of automating business functions for over 1000+ customers across Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX). 

How can help your customer support agents?’s Agent-assist platform – INBOX, an AI powered, automation first, unified inbox for agents is enabling them to provide enhanced customer support across chat, email, and voice.

INBOX goes above & beyond a traditional helpdesk/support desk tool to help agents form that crucial “relationship” with your customers.

To improve agent productivity and reduce escalations, the INBOX tool aids agents by:

  • Providing a consistent UI/UX that sits on top of multiple source systems, thereby nullifying the need to check every system for the requisite data.
  • Allowing them to focus on high priority tickets while the chatbot/virtual assistant takes over providing resolutions to L0, L1 queries.
  • Providing comprehensive overview of the entire customer journey across channels to provide superior context for better problem resolution. Say goodbye to query repetition.
  • Listing out relevant responses for the agent to choose from (based on ML) with a feedback loop leading to reduction in servicing time per customer.
  • Automating responses to email tickets.
  • Conversing with customers in the language of their choice without learning it!
  • Customer Data Profile (CDP): Providing a holistic overview of the customer including their past queries, resolutions and similar other information.

How can this impact CSAT scores?

  • The chatbot provides immediate and relevant responses based on the analysis of the knowledge base. This ensures that the customer leaves either with a follow-up notification or resolution.
  • Notifies customers of agent availability and initiates follow up once an agent becomes available.

Ready to up your agent productivity and CSAT scores with Request a demo to see how the feature can benefit your business.

Nitish Bhardwaj

With over 10+ years of experience in the Marketing & Sales domain, Nitish is a product marketer who focuses on developing effective marketing strategies and communicates the features and benefits of's product stack. In his free time, he can be found running/cycling at odd hours, reading books, or rooting for Liverpool FC to win the PL & UCL again!
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