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Drive conversational commerce with event-triggered workflows

Updated: July 03, 2024
Drive conversational commerce with event-triggered workflows
Drive conversational commerce with event-triggered workflows

To build stronger customer relationships and foster user engagement, marketers plan campaigns based on events and certain actions taken by a user. A few examples include downloading an app, leaving a shopping cart unattended, contacting technical support or sales, renewing a subscription, and more.  

If a user downloads an app, for instance,  they receive a welcome message or a notification to add their payment details.  Such notifications typically prompt better responses from users. But sometimes, marketers make the mistake of sending only a single message with no follow-up. And it’s no surprise if this doesn’t work as expected. 

In today’s world when there’s an overload of communication, sometimes timely and important messages are missed. Consumers need an extra nudge, and one message may not be enough. But too many messages can put them off. So how do marketers strike a balance and communicate better with their users?

The answer lies in event-triggered workflows. 

Event-triggered workflows are conversational in nature and enable organizations to increase engagement and tap into revenue opportunities. For example, online brands can replicate the in-store experience on different channels and provide an exceptional experience to their users, as well as increase engagement.

There are two main drivers for adopting event-triggered workflows.

  • Provide a hassle-free omnichannel experience

Enterprises rely on the integration of various channels to interact with their users, with the goal of creating a smooth user experience. But as different channels bring out new features, it becomes difficult to catch up with modern messaging systems on their own. 

Yellow.ai’s scalable and powerful infrastructure makes it easy to add newer communication channels and, with event-triggered workflows, it is possible to send information across these new channels with ease. 

  • Reach out to customers with the right information, at the right time

Customers need to be contacted when the time is right. It is important to know exactly what you’re planning to do and when. Not all user actions will prompt responses at the same speed. 

For instance, while a sign-up coupon may be redeemed within a few hours of the first sign-up, a request for a product tour may take weeks. With Yellow.ai, enterprises can build workflows to send out contextual and timely information, offering seamless customer experiences.

Setting up event-triggered workflows using Yellow.ai

Yellow.ai’s event-triggered workflows enable enterprises to send messages in a unique way across multiple channels at the right time. Marketers can leverage this process and send out contextual and personalized messages to users, no matter where they are, at the right time. 

Yellow.ai’s NLP capabilities allow a customer-centric and dialogue-driven approach when it comes to building these workflows. 

This opens a dialogue between the brand and their consumers, so that they can interact with them at every step in their journey. 

The triggering activity/event can be anything your user does, including:

  1. Adding an item to cart
  2. Upgrading your software
  3. Booking flight tickets
  4. Viewing a webpage

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Using event-triggered workflows, enterprises can schedule a series of messages across multiple channels such as push notifications, WhatsApp, email or SMS to connect with the user.

Here are the steps involved in setting up an event-triggered workflow on Yellow.ai 

1. Build a holistic customer profile 

In order to launch effective campaigns, it is crucial to have accurate customer data. 

Customer experience encompasses every interaction one has with your brand right from the moment they are exploring the website until the time they reach out for any after-sales support.

Yellow.ai’s User 360 module builds a detailed user profile by analyzing customer interactions with your brand across your website/applications and messaging channels through the entire customer journey. 

drive conversational commerce
select user properties

2. Identify the right audience

Enterprises can generate more return on their marketing spends by defining audience groups. Creating hyper-segments allows brands to focus on the needs of their specific consumer, so any information sent to them will be tailored to their interests. 

This helps them create an effective marketing strategy, saving time and money.

Yellow.ai’s User360 module can be used to create segments based on demographic and behavioral data gathered from user conversations. 

add segment

3. Track key actions performed by users

In order to connect to the right people at the right time, it is important to identify the trigger event or action performed by users on your website or mobile app. When a user performs this action, they will enter a workflow. 

add event

4. Craft personalized templates

Yellow.ai’s template manager allows marketers to create customized templates for different channels, creating a personalized experience. This would also improve conversion rates by spurring users to take action.

5. Create an omnichannel workflow 

Event-triggered workflows are an effective way to implement both targeted and transactional campaign use cases. 

Transactional campaign: A brand wants to send a thank you message via WhatsApp to users after a purchase, for example. 

Targeted campaign: If a customer adds an item to their shopping cart and does not check out soon, for example, brands can send a message that offers a discount to nudge them to purchase the item.

With just a few clicks, marketers can create workflows based on these actions, and send out messages on these channels at the desired time. 

abandoned cart recovery

By tailoring communication based on specific triggers, users will receive information that is useful,  increasing their trust in your brand and giving them a reason to return. This also helps marketers to engage with their users at each stage in their lifecycle, from generating interest to maintaining loyalty.

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