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Play the Game of Bots!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The Game of Bots is back again, this time with a new process and a lot of fun and a ton of bots created by you! Whether you are new to building bots or a veteran, the Game of Bots is for everyone to win! Start by filling a simple form, and show up to the interactive academy sessions arranged for you where industry mentors will get you game-ready and make sure your imaginations come to life. This is your shot to learn, share and play the game of bots and win big! Are you ready?

Are you Ready?

Build a bot with No-Code

Building a bot is now for everyone! You can build a bot, you can build a bot, we all can build a bot! 🎉's industry leading CX platform is now equipped with the readiness and the power of no-code that makes it convenient for you to create a conversational experience in a few easy steps. Be one of the first people in the industry to harness the power of CX with the ease of no-code!

Why Should You Participate?

Win Big

There’s always bragging rights when you win a hackathon, but we have amazing prizes too! You have a shot at winning great prizes for building innovative ideas and standing out from others.

Amazing Mentors

Our mentors will guide you in your journey to build a robust chatbot that might just win you the hackathon!

Boost Your Career

Benefit from the amazing sessions and tools you will learn while participating in the Game of Bots. Learn firsthand what it takes to build an amazing bot and brag your learning with a certificate everywhere and give a jumpstart to your career!

Chatbot Education

Don’t know a lot about chatbots? We’ve got you covered! We will help you go over from the basics of chatbots and answer all your questions about them in our academy series for our participants.


Get a certificate for your amazing work. Regardless of who you are, we want to recognize your efforts to learn, build and deploy an amazing bot.


Join the community as soon as you take part in this hackathon, and take advantage by learning, sharing and building with one of the largest chatbot-building communities out there.



Employee Experience

Customer Experience

Bot For Good

Personal Assistant Bot


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Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to apply, be it students, professionals.
For professionals, it does not matter if you are from HR, Marketing, IT, Automation, Legal, Procurement or Customer support. You don’t need to know coding to build a Conversational AI Bot on the On the platform bots can be built without code

What do you need to come prepared with?

Prior to the registration phase. There’s nothing you need to prepare.
In case you have a specific use case in mind, or a problem statement that an automated chatbot can solve for you, you can bring across a list of tasks, questions, answers to those questions and Knowledge Base / FAQs with you to copy-paste into the bot.
We also have a few resources on bot building, and the platform you can take a look at:

  • Documentation:
  • Active community with 750+ members to help with any queries:
  • What is the event about and what is expected out of participants?

    The Game of Bots hackathon gives participants a chance to learn and work on building automated chatbots to automate replies to repeated queries with Intelligent Conversational bots on the platform. On registration, the participant is expected to attend the event, go through the training, and build the bot on the platform.

    Can we take part as a team?

    You can hack solo or in a team of max 4. But hackathon is best enjoyed with the TEAM!

    Once I am accepted, what do I need to bring?

    You will need a computer (Mac Yosemite / Windows 10 / Ubuntu Linux 16.04) with preferably the latest updated Google Chrome browser with a stable internet connection of minimum 2MBps.
    Since the hackathon will be held virtually, you just need to check your email regularly and participate in our community forum.

    What do I get by participating in Game of Bots 2.0?

    An opportunity to work on the latest cutting-edge technology and skill-up for the future. Understand how you could use the power of automation to add productivity and experience for your enterprise & customers respectively. You will learn more about conversational AI and experience the process of creating a chatbot firsthand! To sum it up,
    Prizes: By participating in the Game of Bots 2.0 you’ll get a chance to win 5000 USD worth of prizes!
    Skill-Up & Hands-On training: Get a Conversational AI Bot Build training and Certification help you skill up and understand how to develop non-code automation solutions for real-life projects

    Do I need to pay?

    Attending Game of Bots 2.0 is absolutely free! We will be providing you with everything . Not to forget, the bonus goodies to top bot builders

    Is there any resource for specific doubts?

    Yes! We have an active community forum that contains necessary documentation. You can also post your questions and will hear back from us or one of our community champions. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

    How can I access the platform?

    Before the Academy, we will send instructions on your registered email address to help you sign up on the platform.

    Are participants eligible for certification?

    Yes. Bots qualify for certification. Once you submit your bot and complete the assignment that goes hand in hand with the submission, our team will review your bot. If your bot satisfies the criteria of the assignment, you’ll be eligible for Platform Certification.