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June 03, 2020  •  6 minute read

Importance of Employee Experience amidst COVID-19

Everything; tangible or intangible; has room for improvement. This pandemic has brought about behavioral and organizational changes in 3 months that would have taken years to happen, otherwise. Working from home is the new normal. Digital transformation implementation has been rapid. Most of all, people learned to adjust to their surroundings. It’s difficult. But we’ve got through. At, for example, we’ve been working from home for over 3 months and it hasn’t once felt that employees were under-facilitated to provide the results that were needed in order for us to serve our clients. Quite the contrary. However, we didn’t arrive at this conjecture out of the blue. Neither did we do a run-of-the-mill, apathetic survey with limited and static questions focused on a company’s needs rather than employees.

We needed to capture beyond what employees say. And many answers come from what they don’t say.

With uncertainty looming over us as employees and one nation, one world, employee experience has become of paramount importance. Ultimately, businesses are built atop people, teams, or customers. And a step in the right direction is to actively, but subtly track the voice of employees, the voice of the consumer, consumer research, and people analytics in general.

So we started to eat our own dog food. We started tracking the pulse of our employees across 13 office locations, spread over 5 countries, all with a chatbot. But if we didn’t have a smart virtual assistant tracking the voice of employees, a static survey would look something like this:

On the contrary, a conversational survey looks like a normal chat between friends and family.

When you want to pour your heart out, radio buttons won’t do you justice. That is where natural language powered chatbots come to rescue the day. For instance, when you’re in distress and need advice, you’d rather go to a close friend who cares and understands your emotions. Honest opinions come from genuine, caring friends who can give you constructive criticism and truly understand your emotion. A chat with friends and family is full of empathy. Therefore, when it comes to getting honest opinions from employees to enhance their experience working for an organization, why should the feedback system be any less humane, lacking empathy?

Here’s an example of a chat with a chatbot that is in fact, a survey:

How Conversational Survey Helps

There are no stats required to support the fact that surveys are generally loathed. No one enjoys filling out a form. Therefore, talking to a chatbot becomes a better way to provide feedback.

  • Well-rounded, complete feedback powered by NLP

In a face-to-face conversation, speech is just half of the communication. Body language, posture are some other ways we say things. Similarly, when a virtual assistant is conversing with an employee for a survey, the chat is analyzed on various factors – Tone, choice of words, sentiment. These are indicators of answers that aren’t direct and simple as a mere yes or no.

E.g. – Bot: What do you think about the new Energy Drink

User: It’s ok. The flavor is great. I like it a lot. I buy one every time I’m tipped well at my job.

Bot: Hmm. Do you think it’s over your budget?

User: Yes. Or I’d drink one every day.

In the above conversation, since the user said he gets a drink when he is tipped well, the bot asks if the price were a problem. That’s how we know it was. A static form can’t pick up on subtle cues. A chatbot can also change questions as per the flow. If the user didn’t mention that he would buy it when he has spare money, the chatbot would move to another category of questions. The ability to understand such feedback and decide the next questions to drill further is a highly beneficial factor.

  • High Adoption rate

Do you like to fill out forms or would you rather chat? According to research, customers prefer to talk to a chatbot rather than communicating via e-mails or conventional ways. Many people don’t even attempt to fill forms whereas, with a chatbot, 75% of people responded to the employee survey. Previously, the number was half. Conversational surveys are your analytics and hidden insights on any topic. Needless to say that these are real-time feedback systems.

  • Intelligence with NLP Engine

NLP facilitated by Deep learning in artificial intelligence works on a data model by creating numerous relationships between entities as discussed in our previous Feature Friday articles. The learnings gathered here are in-depth and vast compared to the limited knowledge gathered from static forms.

  • Conversational Analytics

Topic modeling, top comments, turnover intent, the participation rate. As mentioned earlier, through conversations a chatbot is able to structure the kind of responses into categories for its own learning. The next time when presented with a similar answer, the structure that deepens over time helps the chatbot to provide precise results. This is topic modeling.

With such amazing information architecture, a chatbot is able to provide a plethora of insights like top comments, turnover intentions, performance, participation, etc. This in turn helps organizations fine-tune their service offerings; for employees and for customers.’s easy-peasy conversational survey mechanism can be yours in a jiffy. Want to get a demo? Talk to Billy on the bottom-right corner!’s easy-peasy conversational survey is so simple, students can work on it! How so?

  • Simple, aesthetic, UI flow builder for surveys, quizzes, and other such conversations

No code. No hassle. Our simple app dashboard is here to help anyone get up to speed with building conversational journeys and intent for any purpose! From customer support to employee experience, you can build any solution bot.

  • Pre-defined survey templates

Today, many enterprises suffer and lag behind in the game because they don’t have the money or resources to adopt and internalize technology that can optimize their business. is here to bridge this gap. We not only equip you with a dashboard to build a chatbot but also help you with pre-defined survey templates that can be customized to your needs. We also train you to understand the workings of these solutions regardless of not having to code so that you are in complete control of your functions.

  • One app to build, distribute and analyze

Usually, one needs to build a survey and then use another channel to distribute it. With several platforms involved, your analytics gets tough and messy. Our bot builder allows you to make and distribute a survey. With an inbuilt campaign management capability, look no further. Make, distribute, and analyze your survey results in one place.

  • Product viability test via effortless targeting

You have a new product design, you build a bunch and roll out to a few people to understand it’s popularity. Was it a hit? Does it need changes? Why or why not? To avoid fully committing to a new product that may or may not take off, you can use this conversational survey and get immediate feedback. You can upload your own list of users to which the survey is targeted.

Next time we show you our campaign manager in action!

Can’t wait for the next Friday? Get a demo of the conversational survey campaign manager today! Talk to Billy in the bottom-right corner and ask for a demo now 🙂 is the world's leading enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that unlocks business potential at scale. It is powered by Dynamic AI Agents to deliver human-like interactions that boost customer satisfaction and increase employee engagement across 35+ voice and text channels and in 135+ languages.
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