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Cutting-edge Natural Language Processing
(NLP) to Power your CX and EX

Our world-leading NLP gives everyone the power to go-live with multilingual, real-time text and voice conversational agents in 10 days! All of this with no-developer and no-data scientist dependency.




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Deliver excellence to your customers and employees
at their convenience

Complete intent-recognition with real-time resolutions

We use intent recognition to understand the user intent in every query, no matter how complicated the sentence is. The NLU is also capable to identify mutiple intents and give resoultion.

Empathize with customers using sentiment recognition

Truly empathize with your customers using our industry-leading sentiment recognition and analysis. Go the extra mile to create contextual and sentiment-apt responses in real-time.

Understand customers’ inqueries in any language, anywhere

Understand your customers no matter what language they speak, with or without local colloquialism – even when they misspell their words. Keep your ears open at all times, to the voice of the customer.

Top-up your CX with 24×7 voice-ready NLU

The system understands all vocal queries, irrespective of dialects, with perfectly aligned interactive voice responses (IVR). Just power your IVR with our NLP to churn-out positive experiences – now!

Our bots can have human-like conversation,
because they learn from humans

Truly ‘human’ responses, automated and perfected with NLP

The system learns from all ‘human-customer’ conversations to simulate the perfect ‘human’ response to any future query from a customer. It’s deep learning to create the perfect ‘Human + AI’ platform.

Active-learning NLP engine that improves on-the-job

The NLP engine improves upon itself with every interaction it processes – even with the queries it misses. It actively learns from every unresolved utterance to never miss the same query twice.

User-journey optimization with NLP-driven intelligence

The intent-recognizing AI helps your customers reach their destination in 1-2 clicks. The bot gives them all information and solutions right in the chat box, for quick context and fast conversions.

NLP that’s easy to build on and
fast to deploy!

Pre-trained intent models for faster go-to-market
Get NLP-ready with our industry-primed, pre-trained and learned intent-models to go-to-market with lightning-fast speeds. You can even ‘plug-in’ custom intents for your unique use-cases at any time.
No-developer | No-data scientist | Anyone can do it!
You don’t need a developer or data scientist. Anyone can build on our NLP with total ease. No need to write a single line of code. Just collate, deploy and automate in quick and easy steps.
“The team is very agile in understanding the customer requirement and delivers as per customer expectations. They are always available with solutions and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.”
“Yellow.ai allows easy integration with portals. It has easy to implement use cases and the guided workflows function smoothly. Their cloud solution and latest interface is amazing.”
“Yellow.ai is among the best platforms to create chatbot solutions. It is easy to use and almost all options can be customized as per requirement..”
“They excel in creating conversational bots. They can provide meaningful innovations & insights into the products they build for us. They can literally automate everything you need to automate. Their product & solutions are customizable to tailor one’s needs specifically”
“Yellow.ai is the perfect software for building the perfect chatbot. The option of either using UI for building a bot or completely sticking to coding is just simply amazing.”
“A major chunk of the incoming volume is handled by the bot itself. Only interactions which absolutely require human interactions are routed to the operations team. This has increased efficiency multi-folds.”
“The team is very agile in understanding the customer requirement and delivers as per customer expectations. They are always available with solutions and take proactive steps to mitigate risks.”
Go-live with multilingual, dynamic AI agents in just 10 days