Accurate, Secure and Scalable AI for Banking

Deliver an integrated customer experience by bringing together the best of AI + Human capabilities, and gain prominence across banks' operations. Supercharge the entire customer journey with a digital assistant - from lead capture, acquisitions to support and upsells.

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Reduced business response time


Cost saving while retaining quality output


Increase in operational efficiency


Increase in upsell revenue

Empower superior Banking services with
robust NLP and Smart Analytics

Craft better relationships with your customers by understanding what they're looking for, and resolving concerns then and there. Provide them all the help they need to make the right decisions with a robust NLP engine and pre-built intent modules for better and quicker resolutions.

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Pre-built domain specific expertise

Popular Integrations

TCS Bancs
Infosys Finacle

Deploy across 35+ text & voice channels

Automate end to end banking services &
retain customers

Disburse loans

Let your customers view, apply or check loan eligibility, pay installments & calculate interest.

Deposit process

Automate sending e-statements, checking account balance, interest, etc.

Easy transfer

Guide customers to add/update beneficiary, check transfer limit and more.

Intelligent Advice

Let AI intelligently suggest where to save and where to spend with expense analytics.

Personalized banking

Offer personalised banking solutions to increase customer engagement and retention.

Capture leads

Enagage, qualify and convert leads through intelligent conversational ads.

Drive Sales

Make lead generation seamless through conversational ads and retergeted campaigns.

Answer FAQ

65% of customer's queries are repetitive. Let a chatbot take care of them so your agents can work on critical tasks.

Detect fraud

Auto-detect fraudulent calls through sophisticated IVR technology.

Customer Support

Offer 24/7 customer support in over 100 languages across Website, App, Voice even Whatsapp

Critical insights

See your business critical data come to life through visually represented graphs and charts.


Notify customers on loan due dates and overdues to ensure timely payments and provide frictionless way to pay back the installments.

Digital Assistants you
can bank on!

Latest insights

Ease, streamline & enhance operations to get
ahead of the curve with us