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Your Next Winning Advertising Campaign is Through Conversational AI

Our interactive advertising solution is an enhanced way to engage consumers, gather new data, shorten sales cycles, and drive substantial outcomes for your customers, consistently. It facilitates conversations and captures leads on the same conversational ad interface and is designed to deliver engaging advertising experiences that reduce drop-offs and fix a leaky funnel.



More leads to MQL



Increase in qualified leads



Leads captured from ad clicks



Increase in conversion

Turn leads to loyal customers with out-of-the-box advertising automation

Capture quality leads by fixing leaks

With Conversational Banner Ads across search and social, people can have two-way contextual conversations within the advertisement to provide their details and create interactivity resulting in better experience. People don’t have to switch apps which helps fix leaks.

Capture quality leads by fixing leaks

Optimize your funnel with click-to-chat landing pages

Now turn a lead to a customer in one go. Users from your campaigns can land on any of your favorite messaging app like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and converse with a dynamic AI agent, provide details, browse products, place an order and get transferred to a live agent, all from a single chat interface.

Be where customers are looking for answers

Meet consumers where they are by leveraging your customer’s conversations at scale across digital ads, offline stores, app, website, social media and more. Let a chatbot assist when your customer’s users are researching products, ready to purchase, or want your help with a task.

Close gaps between leads and buyers

Help your customers increase sales through our Dynamic AI agents that analyze customer behaviors and past interactions for providing a personalized experience and proactive suggestions to prospects at the time it matters the most. Notify users on important information, new products and upcoming events at the right time.

Close gaps between leads and buyers

Take innovative advertising to customers for a competitive advantage

Offline to online engagement

Help your customers have a digital transformation by taking offline buyers to an online catalog with QR code scans providing a frictionless experience, increasing engagement as well as brand awareness.

Integrate to all your favorite apps

Bring the voice of the customer into your team’s tools. Our chatbots scour through all this data to give better insights, proactive suggestions and better accuracy in every conversation. Easily integrate to your customers’ backend systems as well to have a full view of the entire customer journey.

Integrate to all your favorite apps

Measure the impact and grow

See your customers business-critical data come to life through visually represented graphs and charts. Build custom reports through our data explorer tool and gain better insights that help optimize campaigns, grow sales and revenue for your customers. Make the most of AI-powered solutions that help you.

Measure the impact and grow

Inbound and outbound engagement

Engage consumers anytime, when it matters, with the right messaging using our practically designed & automated campaign workflows. Increase website engagement, run promotions and optimize conversion rate for your clientele with campaign management.

Inbound and outbound engagement
Add AI to the art of advertising for winning ‘better’ leads
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How can AI-powered conversational ads grow your business?

Add a new service line to your business and deliver better conversions for your customers.

Drive up to 300% growth in lead-generation for your customers.

Decrease cost per lead for higher profitability. 24x increase in ARR in 15 months or less.

Witness 85% query resolution driving 30% cost reduction.

AI-powered campaigns to get quality leads with up to 98% lead information capture.

We win, when our customers win!

“Yellow.ai’s conversational BOT helps in successfully responding to more than 100K customer queries a month saving more than 10000 agent- hours/month.”

Ananth Prakash

Project Director

“Our bot helps in successfully responding to 28K customer queries a month and saving nearly 2K hours/month. The bot has fulfilled 10K personal shopper requests and 2K beauty advisor requests, delighting our customers.”
shoppers stop

Ishita Sharma

Project Director

“The Domino’s web bot helps in successfully fulfilling more than 280K customer post order queries a month saving nearly 30K hours/month.”

Pranshu Rastogi

Business Unit Head

“Dottie catered to 200K+ travelers and successfully responded to ~704K customer queries every month thereby reducing call volume to our contact center by ~15%.”

Rishabh Ranjan Pathak

Lead, Digital

“Yellow.ai chatbot has helped lower 25,000 calls coming into our call centres every month.”
waste connections inc

Eric Hansen


“The Urja Bot helped us automate 7M conversations, generating 500K LPG bookings per month.”
bharat petroleum

Strategic Initiative team

“We are glad to be able to partner with like minded vendors who strongly believe in seamless customer experience while uplifting operational efficiency. We are able to handle double the volume with the same team size and support our customers with Yellow.ai’s chatbot.”

Kannan Rajaratnam

Customer Experience and epayments Director, Southeast Asia, Zalora

Who can leverage our digital advertising solution?

Web development agency

Advertising agency

Digital marketing firms

Small, medium and large enterprises

Branding agency

Design firms

Content agency

Media and public relations

Break the barrier between leads and buyers

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