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Customer Service Automation: Guide to Transform Your Business With AI in 2024

Learn how Generative AI is shifting the B2B landscape towards fully autonomous customer service automation in 2024 and beyond. Discover how top enterprises leveraged automation for improved efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.

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Why are businesses rushing to adopt generative AI for customer service? Join our expert trio of Rashid, Jessica & TJ, as they clear the fog and address how this technology is reshaping customer experiences and driving efficiency.

What you’ll gain from the guide:

  • How to implement customer service automation in your company.
  • What things to look out for while evaluating an automation solution.
  • How a utility provider improved their agent efficiency and gained $3.6M savings annually.
  • How a retailer generated 16K+ leads with in-store-like, online customer experiences.
  • How a BFSI firm cut OPEX costs by 51% while reducing customer support wait times.

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