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Sell More With Conversational Commerce

Engage your customers wherever they are, through conversational virtual assistants, across text and voice, for faster conversions, higher CSAT, and lasting loyalty.


Quarterly platform



Decrease in
abandoned carts



Annual revenue




In-bot e-commerce

Your best sales agents on call 24*7

Sell to those who’ll buy

Spray and pray tactics for conversions are passé. Our NLU engine accurately taps visitors intent to better guide them, in real-time, to convert. Which makes them buy faster, buy more and come back often. Yes, just like your top performing sales agent!

Sell to those who’ll buy

Everyone deserves a ‘personal shopper’

Unlock a whole new ‘live-commerce’ channel where the customers can directly interact with an agent using our intuitive chat and video interface to evaluate products or push them through to checkout.

Everyone deserves a 'personal shopper'

Improve sales by enabling instant payment

Why just leave the conversations at engagement when you can offer total customer experience automation, until payments, and beyond. Leverage our pre-integrated payment gateways like PayPal, RazorPay, Setu and more.

Improve sales by enabling instant payment

Boost revenue with off-site abandoned cart recovery

Create timely and multilingual campaigns to rejig customer interest (even when they leave the site) with personalized conversations on the channel of their choice for higher abandoned card recovery.

Boost revenue with off-site abandoned cart recovery

Talk to your customers anywhere, anytime –
at their convenience

Engage with personalized conversations 24*7

Your ‘shop’ is always open with our conversational voice and text AI! These proactive and personalized prompts can help them choose, solve their doubts, or upsell your merch. And, it’s all automated.

Engage with personalized conversations 24*7

Across channels, with the best of AI & human

Handle conversations across channels and languages with the right Human + AI balance. Automate & offer 1-on-1 attention, akin to in-store experiences, to all visitors – all through a single platform.

Across channels, with the best of AI & human

Increase customer loyalty and life-time value multifold

Our conversational voice and text AI merge seamlessly with customer loyalty management for personalized promotions and rewards. Befriend your customers and realize higher lifetime values from them.

Increase customer loyalty and life-time value multifold

Order updates and in-store bookings made easy

Customers can book in-store appointments or schedule in-store product pick-ups through our conversational AI. Reps can even send order delivery, product or promotional updates from a single platform.

Order updates and in-store bookings made easy

Create value across online and in-store
with conversational AI

Connect, engage, direct and convert your customers anywhere, anytime without the older restrictions of ‘online’ or ‘in-store’, Give your customers total conversational CX to become a truly ‘customer-first’ brand.

Why do 1000+ brands trust Yellow.ai

gartner yellowai

Total CX & EX automation platform recognized by Gartner & G2.

Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks.

Excellent time to value – 60% automation in 30 days of go live.

135+ languages available across 35+ text & voice channels.

100+ out of the box integrations

We win, when our customers win!

“Yellow.ai’s conversational bot helps in successfully responding to more than 100K customer queries a month saving more than 10000 agent- hours/month.”

Ananth Prakash

Project Director

“Our bot helps in successfully responding to 28K customer queries a month and saving nearly 2K hours/month. The bot has fulfilled 10K personal shopper requests and 2K beauty advisor requests, delighting our customers.”
shoppers stop

Ishita Sharma

Project Director

“The Domino’s web bot helps in successfully fulfilling more than 280K customer post order queries a month saving nearly 30K hours/month.”

Pranshu Rastogi

Business Unit Head

“Dottie catered to 200K+ travelers and successfully responded to ~704K customer queries every month thereby reducing call volume to our contact center by ~15%.”

Rishabh Ranjan Pathak

Lead, Digital

“The Yellow.ai chatbot has helped lower 25,000 calls coming into our call centres every month.”
waste connections inc

Eric Hansen


“The Urja Bot helped us automate 7M conversations, generating 500K LPG bookings per month”
bharat petroleum

Strategic Initiative team

“We are glad to be able to partner with like minded vendors who strongly believe in seamless customer experience while uplifting operational efficiency. We are able to handle double the volume with the same team size and support our customers with Yellow.ai’s chatbot.”

Kannan Rajaratnam

Customer Experience and epayments Director, Southeast Asia, Zalora

Build your first Dynamic AI Agent in under 10 clicks