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Good customer service: Ways to deliver [+10 Examples]

Updated: June 05, 2024
Good customer service: Ways to deliver [+10 Examples]
Good customer service: Ways to deliver [+10 Examples]

Executive summary

In an era where consumer loyalty is hard-earned and easily lost, exceptional customer service is the beacon guiding businesses to harbor. This blog offers ten transformative customer service strategies, highlighting practices that meet and exceed customer expectations. Through these examples, we’ll illustrate the profound impact of excellent customer service on business growth, showcasing how it can turn casual interactions into lasting relationships and brand loyalty. Join us on this journey as we explore actionable insights and innovative strategies that can elevate your customer service from good to unforgettable.

Imagine a moment when a simple customer inquiry evolves into an experience so positive that it becomes the talk of the town. Today, such stories have the power to catapult a brand from obscurity to the spotlight. That underscores the undeniable power of exceptional customer service. In today’s digital-first age, where every interaction can turn a browser into a lifelong customer or a detractor, the art of customer service has never been more critical. It’s a world where stories of exceptional service experiences spread like wildfire, igniting interest and drawing in customers eager to experience that same level of care and attention.

Every business has faced the challenge of transforming a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. But the true magic lies in elevating that satisfaction to delight. This blog does not aim at merely listing examples; it dissects the anatomy of remarkable customer service encounters. From the empathy of a support call to the efficiency of issue resolution, these stories will provide a blueprint for weaving excellence into your customer service fabric. With insights on leveraging technology to enhance these interactions, we promise insights and a roadmap to becoming a beloved brand in your industry.

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What is good customer service?

Good customer service transcends mere transactional interaction. It’s about crafting moments that leave customers feeling satisfied, valued, and understood. Good customer service is the art of turning every support interaction into an opportunity for connection. Whether through a timely resolution, a listening ear, or a personalized touch, these moments can significantly influence a customer’s perception and loyalty to a brand.

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Consider the scenario of a local café where the barista remembers your name and your regular order. This simple act of personalization makes you feel special and increases your loyalty to the café. Apply this to any business context, and the principle remains the same: good customer service is about making each customer feel seen and valued. It’s about being there for them across multiple channels, be it through a quick chat response, an empathetic ear on a support call, or a helpful guide in a knowledge base. By meeting customers where they are, with the solution they need, businesses can solve the immediate problem and also build a foundation for lasting loyalty.

The true essence of good customer service lies in its ability to blend efficiency with empathy seamlessly. It’s about understanding that behind every query or complaint is a person seeking help. It involves resolving their issue and doing so in a way that respects their time and emotions. For businesses looking to elevate their customer service, the journey begins with a commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs at every touchpoint. Businesses must remember that every customer interaction has the potential to become a stepping stone toward building a brand that people love and trust.

Why is great customer service important for your business?

Understanding the pivotal role of exceptional customer service is a cornerstone for any thriving business today. Let’s understand why mastering the craft of customer satisfaction isn’t just a nice-to-have but a must-have strategy for scaling your business’s success and reputation.

Satisfied customers will spend more.

The correlation between customer satisfaction and spending habits is undeniable. A business consistently delivering superior customer service elevates the customer’s perception of value. Such heightened perception naturally translates into customers being willing to pay a premium for services and products as they know that their satisfaction is guaranteed. For instance, a study revealed that 68% of consumers are willing to spend more for products and services from a brand renowned for its excellent customer service.

Implementing strategies that prioritize customer satisfaction, such as personalized follow-ups or loyalty rewards, can significantly boost a business’s average order value and customer lifetime value.

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Your ROI will improve, and profits will increase.

Investing in customer service goes beyond just retaining a happy customer base. It has a direct impact on your bottom line. Deloitte’s research found that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to those that didn’t prioritize customer experience. This stark difference showcases the tangible financial benefits of embedding excellent customer service into your business model. 

By empowering your support team with the right tools and training to enhance customer interactions, you can foster a positive brand image and also set the stage for increased profitability.

Customers are more likely to forgive you.

In the inevitable instance of a service mishap, the quality of your customer service becomes the deciding factor in whether a customer chooses to stay or leave. Salesforce reported that 78% of customers would revisit a brand even after a mistake, provided the customer service was exceptional. This statistic underscores the power of effective customer service in converting a potentially negative experience into a loyalty-building opportunity. 

By adopting a transparent, empathetic approach to resolving customer issues, businesses can turn challenges into testimonies of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty improves with great customer service.

The impact of customer service on loyalty is profound. Microsoft found that 96% of customers consider customer service crucial in their loyalty to a brand. This overwhelming consensus highlights the direct link between how businesses handle customer interactions and their ability to retain customers long-term. 

Implementing a customer-first strategy that emphasizes quick resolutions, empathetic interactions, and personalized services can significantly enhance customer retention rates.

A great customer experience means a higher chance of recommendations.

Word-of-mouth remains one of the most powerful marketing tools for any business. A positive customer service experience not only solidifies a customer’s loyalty but also turns them into brand ambassadors. According to the XM Institute, customers who rate a brand’s service as “good” are 38% more likely to recommend it to others. 

Encouraging satisfied customers to share their experiences through referrals or on social media can exponentially increase your brand’s reach and credibility.

Ultimately, excellent customer service forms the backbone of a successful, sustainable business. It influences everything from how much your customers are willing to spend to how forgiving they are when mistakes happen. By prioritizing customer service, businesses enhance their profitability and customer loyalty and also amplify their brand’s voice through the powerful endorsements of satisfied customers.

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10 Ways to deliver good customer service

Delivering top-notch customer service is like crafting a masterpiece. Each stroke, or strategy, contributes to the final picture—a business that customers adore and advocate for. It’s about creating memorable experiences that customers can’t help but share. Here, we break down 10 ways that can help any business provide top-notch customer service. These strategies are not just actions but commitments to excellence in every interaction.

1. Know your product inside and out

Every great customer service story starts with in-depth product knowledge. The confidence in each answer given and the efficiency in solving problems build trust with your customers. Visualize equipping your team with such comprehensive knowledge that they can confidently answer any query and offer insights that customers didn’t even know they needed.

Imagine a customer struggling with a new feature on your software. A knowledgeable support team member guides them through it and also highlights how they can maximize its use for their benefit. It will not just solve problems but also educate and engage your customer base, leading to higher satisfaction.

Regularly update your team on product changes, encourage hands-on experience with your offerings, and create a culture where knowledge sharing is rewarded. It turns every customer interaction into an opportunity for education and connection.

2. Uphold a positive attitude

A positive attitude can turn even the most critical feedback into an opportunity for growth. It doesn’t mean ignoring problems but facing them with a constructive outlook. A cheerful disposition can diffuse frustration and turn challenges into positive outcomes.

For instance, a customer calls, frustrated with a delayed shipment. The support agent acknowledges the frustration, apologizes sincerely, and then goes a step further by offering a discount on their next purchase. This approach addresses the immediate concern and also leaves the customer feeling valued.

Foster an environment where your team feels appreciated, and their well-being is prioritized. Happy employees lead to happy customers.

3. Engage in creative problem-solving

Good customer service gets the job done; excellent customer service thinks outside the box. Creative solutions can turn a dissatisfied customer into a brand ambassador. It’s about seeing beyond the immediate ask and offering solutions that surprise and delight.

For instance, a customer faces an issue that your standard policy does not cover. Instead of a flat refusal, your team proposes an alternative solution that addresses the customer’s needs while staying within your operational boundaries.

So, encourage your team to think creatively by rewarding innovative solutions to customer problems. Host regular brainstorming sessions to tackle common issues and develop unexpected strategies to address them.

4. Respond with speed

Timeliness is critical in customer service. Fast responses show customers that you value their time and are eager to assist them. However, speed should not come at the expense of quality. Ensure your team has the tools and training to provide quick yet comprehensive solutions.

For example, a customer tweets at your company about a minor issue. Instead of waiting for the next business day, your social media manager responds within an hour, resolving the issue publicly. It will satisfy the customer and also show potential customers your commitment to swift customer service.

To implement, use customer service software to track and prioritize inquiries, ensuring the most urgent are addressed first. Train your team on efficient problem-solving techniques to reduce resolution times without compromising the quality of service.

5. Personalize your customer service

Personalization makes customers feel special and understood. Tailoring your service to meet individual needs and preferences shows that you see your customers as unique individuals, not just tickets.

For instance, a return customer contacts support about an issue. Recognizing the customer from previous interactions, the agent references their history to provide a personalized solution. This level of detail shows the customer they’re valued and remembered.

You can utilize CRM tools to store and access customer preferences, history, and past interactions. Train your team to use this information to customize their communication and solutions.

6. Empower customers with self-service options

Many customers prefer the speed and convenience of self-service options. Providing robust FAQs, tutorials, and community forums allows customers to find answers quickly, on their terms, reducing reliance on direct support.

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Picture this: Your business implements an intuitive FAQ section and a community forum. A customer finds the answer to their query through these resources. It will solve their problem without needing to wait for a support agent.

Continuously update and expand your self-service resources based on typical customer inquiries and feedback. Ensure these tools are easy to use and accessible from your primary customer service channels.

7. Make every interaction customer-centric

Centering your service around the customer ensures that their needs are always your priority. Every support interaction should make the customers feel like they are the most important person in the world. It’s about them, their needs, and how best you can meet those needs. This approach builds trust and loyalty, as customers feel genuinely cared for and valued.

Here is an example: A customer’s issue requires involvement from multiple departments. Instead of passing them around, a dedicated agent coordinates with the departments internally and provides the customer with a single point of contact throughout the process.

Train your team to adopt a customer-first mindset. Your team should always listen actively, empathize with the customer’s situation, and look for ways to go above and beyond to solve their issues. Regularly review support interactions to ensure they meet your customer-centric standards.

8. Practice active listening

Active listening involves fully concentrating on what is being said rather than passively hearing the message. By actively listening, you can better understand the customer’s needs and provide more effective solutions.

Suppose a customer calls with a recurring problem. Instead of offering a temporary fix, the agent listens deeply, identifies the root cause, and provides a solution that prevents the issue from happening again.

Encourage your team to paraphrase or summarize the customer’s issue to ensure understanding before proceeding with a solution. It clarifies the problem and also makes the customer feel heard and respected.

9. Always keep your word

Trust is built on reliability. If you promise a callback, a resolution, or an update, make sure it happens. Keeping your word shows respect for your customers and builds a foundation of trust.

Picture this: You promise a customer that a back-ordered item will be prioritized for them as soon as it’s back in stock. Not only do you keep that promise, but you also follow up to ensure they’re satisfied with the product.

Set realistic expectations with your customers and have systems to follow through on commitments. If a promise can’t be kept, communicate proactively with the customer to find an alternative solution.

10. Be proactively helpful

Anticipating and addressing customer needs before they arise solves problems and creates delightful customer experiences. Being proactively helpful can turn a satisfactory service into an exceptional one.

For instance, if a customer frequently orders the same product, you reach out with a discount for their loyalty and suggest a complementary product they might enjoy.

Analyze customer behavior and feedback to identify opportunities for proactive service. Train your team to recognize these opportunities and act on these opportunities, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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10 Good customer service examples

Every customer interaction can define the success or failure of your brand. So, the power of exceptional customer service cannot be overstated. The following examples from leading global brands illustrate the importance of going above and beyond in customer service. Furthermore, they also explain the tangible, lasting impact these actions can have on brand loyalty and reputation. 

1. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Demonstrating unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, The Ritz-Carlton empowers its employees with the autonomy to make significant decisions. When John DiJulius accidentally left his charger behind, not only was it promptly returned via next-day air, but he also received an additional charger with a personalized note.

This thoughtful gesture underscores the Ritz-Carlton’s ethos of seizing every opportunity to exceed customer expectations, turning simple acts into memorable stories of service excellence.

2. Coca-Cola

Through its global and local philanthropic efforts, Coca-Cola exemplifies how corporate social responsibility enhances customer service. Initiatives like the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund in Ireland, which supports local charities, resonate deeply with consumers’ values, particularly millennials. 

By aligning its brand with meaningful causes, Coca-Cola demonstrates that exceptional customer service extends beyond the product, fostering a deeper connection with its customers.

3. Zappos

Known for its exceptional customer service, Zappos once embraced a unique challenge by responding to a customer’s diverse and whimsical questions for an entire week. 

This engagement, ranging from fashion advice to whimsical inquiries about a cat’s behavior, showcases Zappos’ dedication to delighting customers in unexpected ways. It also proves that a company’s willingness to engage with its customers on any topic can build lasting loyalty and admiration.

Image source:

4. Chewy

Chewy’s compassionate response to a bereaved pet owner exemplifies the profound impact empathy can have. Upon learning about the customer’s loss, Chewy refunded the purchase and sent flowers and a sympathy note. 

This act of kindness transformed a routine customer interaction into a deeply personal and comforting experience, highlighting the power of empathy in building strong emotional connections with customers.

5. Adobe

Adobe leverages its Twitter platform to provide timely and expert customer support, demonstrating the importance of meeting customers where they are. By actively engaging with users and offering solutions on social media, Adobe enhances its customer service. 

As a result, the brand turns public interactions into opportunities for broader engagement and demonstrates its commitment to accessible and responsive support.

6. Tesla

Tesla redefines customer convenience with its direct-to-customer service model, exemplifying how innovation in service delivery can significantly enhance the customer experience. 

By offering home repairs, Tesla saves customers time and showcases an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction. It reinforces the value of convenience and personalization in fostering brand loyalty.

Flat tire on Sunday. Called Tesla, git a loaner tire within 40 minutes. Today they came to my house to replace the tire in 10 minutes. scheduled to come back to fix a small issue next week. What other car company does this? @elonmusk @TeslaModel3 @Tesla #mobileservice

— Chris Kern (@cjk7216) October 31, 2018

7. Qualtrics

At its events, Qualtrics goes to extraordinary lengths to create unforgettable experiences for attendees, catering to their needs and wishes through its “Qualtrics Dream Team.” This approach ensures an exceptional event experience and also gathers real-time feedback for continuous improvement. 

The strategy demonstrates how anticipating and fulfilling customer desires can cultivate a loyal and engaged customer base.

8. American Express

By offering a suite of global benefits, American Express demonstrates how providing value beyond the core product or service can enhance customer loyalty. Whether it’s through travel credits, insurance, or lounge access, American Express ensures that its customers feel valued and supported worldwide. That showcases the impact of global benefits on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

9. Canva

Canva’s proactive engagement with social media users fosters a sense of community and encourages creativity and improvement. By recognizing and supporting user creations and offering personalized tips, Canva exemplifies how interactive and supportive feedback can enhance the customer experience. That builds a loyal community of users who feel valued and understood.

10. Nordstrom

Nordstrom integrates technology to elevate the in-store shopping experience, offering services like mobile reservations for try-on items. This innovative approach simplifies the shopping process. It highlights how leveraging technology can provide convenience and personalization, making every customer interaction smoother and more enjoyable.

The number one question received at Nordstrom’s call center is: ‘Can I find the item that I’m looking at online at my local Nordstrom store?’

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  • Automation with a human touch: Combine the efficiency of AI with the empathy of human support to deliver exceptional service.

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Integrating into your customer service strategy can elevate the customer experience and help you achieve significant efficiencies. Automated responses and self-service options free up your team to focus on more complex queries, enhancing overall productivity. Moreover,’s technology can scale with your business, ensuring that your customer service capabilities grow as you do.

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The final thoughts

The future of customer service is not just about solving problems but creating experiences. Experiences that resonate, delight, and leave a lasting impression. Technology, empathy, and innovation are your best allies in this journey. With solutions like, businesses have the opportunity not just to keep up but also to set new benchmarks in customer service excellence. So, as you look ahead, remember that in the art of customer service, every interaction is a brushstroke in the masterpiece that is your brand’s legacy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is good customer service?

Good customer service is the provision of consistently helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly interactions that resolve customers’ issues efficiently. It is about ensuring every customer feels heard, respected, and valued. That makes their experience as seamless and positive as possible. Good customer service builds a foundation for long-term customer relationships.

What are 6 examples of customer service?

Six pillars of standout customer service include: 

1) Offering personalized advice and recommendations

2) Ensuring swift and effective responses to inquiries 

3) Providing omnichannel support across various channels like email, chat, and social media 

4) Anticipating customer needs and offering solutions before they ask

5) Following up after a purchase to ensure satisfaction 

6) Showing genuine appreciation for customers’ business, such as through thank-you notes or loyalty discounts.

What are the 3 keys of customer service?

The trifecta of excellent customer service hinges on: 

1) Deep understanding of your customers’ wants, needs, and preferences

2) Delivering solutions that are quick and also right the first time 

3) Crafting an experience that leaves a positive, lasting impression, encouraging customers to return and recommend your business to others.

What are the 7 qualities of good customer service?

The hallmark qualities of exceptional customer service professionals include empathy to understand customer emotions, patience in resolving issues, clear and concise communication, comprehensive product knowledge, adept problem-solving skills, a positive attitude to uplift customers, and attentiveness to catch and address the nuances of customer needs.

Why is customer service important in retail?

In retail, stellar customer service is crucial because it directly impacts a shopper’s decision to buy, return, and recommend your store. It transforms shopping from a transaction to an experience, fostering loyalty and setting your brand apart in a competitive marketplace. Exceptional service turns casual shoppers into advocates, amplifying your brand’s reach and reputation.

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