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Goal-based conversations, powered by Generative AI

Updated: October 26, 2023
Goal-based conversations, powered by Generative AI
Goal-based conversations, powered by Generative AI

Our recent launch of YellowG, the industry’s first generative AI-powered conversational automation platform for enterprises, has invited a lot of market traction and has redefined a new standard for conversational automation in terms of delivering human-like, delightful and fulfilling conversations.

One of the key salient features of YellowG platform is the Goal-based Conversations  powered by generative AI. Before we understand what Goal-based Conversations are, let’s take a quick look at the key challenges with many of today’s AI bot conversations.

Challenges with traditional bot conversations

Today’s customer needs are completely dynamic, and when they interact with their brands, they expect equally dynamic responses to help them achieve their end goals.

Many of the chabots and voicebots in the market today are limited in terms of answering either only a preprogrammed set of FAQs or at the maximum fetching content from the backend systems such as bills and invoices.

Today’s AI bots are not able to help with complex decision making, nor do they have the required human empathy during customer conversations and cannot provide personalized solutions that will help fulfill their end goals.

This is exactly what the Goal-based Conversations feature of YellowG platform helps end consumers achieve. 

What are Goal-based Conversations? 

The Goal-based Conversations feature enables enterprises to have a dramatic shift from mere query handling to handling different customer scenarios and providing customized solutions for their end consumers.

To illustrate the impact, let’s consider a typical customer scenario within the utility industry.

The customer’s propane levels are running low and he is reaching out to the gas company to have it refilled. This customer calls a voice AI agent to report the same.

We will see how the Voice AI agent provides a near human experience and helps him achieve his end goal.

Let’s take a look at the demo video embedded here.

As we can see in the demo video, the Voice AI agent engages the customer in a delightful and fulfilling conversation, mirroring a human-like interaction. It comprehends the customer’s specific needs, proposes suitable solution options, addresses any frustrations expressed by the customer, negotiates for a compensatory discount as applicable, gathers feedback, and efficiently concludes the order with all relevant details. All of this is achieved seamlessly within the same conversation, but with a clear focus on achieving the end goal of the customer, which in this example is ensuring the refill and delivery of propane.

How are Goal-based Conversations achieved?

Our dynamic voice AI agents harness the power of generative AI and multiple large language models (LLMs) that are pre-trained for different customer scenarios and use cases. The prompts shall be configured with appropriate business guidelines for discounts, fast-tracked deliveries, returns, cancellations, refunds, etc., so that voice AI agents shall have meaningful and Goal-based Conversations with consumers on behalf of the brand with ideal empathy, customer orientation and values similar to what the brand stands for.

Key business value delivered:  

  • Transform from content-based automation to goal-based conversational solutions that are personalized and fulfilling
  • Pivot from augmenting human agents to anchoring like or even better than human agents
  • 40% enhancement in customer satisfaction driven by goal completions 
  • 20% increase in lead generation and sales conversions with Goal-based Conversations delivering goal-based end customer solutions 

In summary

Goal-based Conversations is a game-changer for enterprises, revolutionizing their approach from simply handling customer queries to effectively managing various customer scenarios and delivering tailored solutions to end consumers. 

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