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Empowering customer service excellence with VoiceHUB: Yellow.ai’s full stack voice AI automation platform

Updated: April 23, 2024
Empowering customer service excellence with VoiceHUB: Yellow.ai’s full stack voice AI automation platform
Empowering customer service excellence with VoiceHUB: Yellow.ai’s full stack voice AI automation platform

We’re thrilled to announce the private beta launch of VoiceHUB*, an advanced full stack Voice AI platform by Yellow.ai. 

VoiceHUB utilizes both AI and human expertise, marking a paradigm shift in customer service automation by helping businesses:

  • Achieve 90% automation in query handling 
  • Improve agent productivity by 50% 
  • Reduce response times by 50%

 The need for full stack voice AI automation 

Customer service leaders are constantly on the lookout for advanced voice AI solutions that have contextual, personalized interactions with customers and can scale with their business. However, traditional approaches often involve disjointed Voice AI solutions that lack integration and scalability, leading to inefficiencies and sub-par customer experiences. 

VoiceHUB, a full stack automation platform consolidates all voice-related customer interactions into a centralized hub, and offers a holistic solution for end-to-end automation.

VoiceHUB – A game-changer in customer service automation

VoiceHUB has the ability to centralize voice AI capabilities, streamline customer interactions across channels and ticket lifecycles, drastically improving customer experience

Ready to embrace the future of customer interactions? Join our private beta today.

  1. Personalized support across channels: Customers expect personalized and contextually relevant interactions when they interact with voice AI agents. This information needs to be consistent across different channels including voice, chat, email, and social media.

    Using VoiceHUB, all customer information, details of previous issues or tickets are shared across channels and ticket lifecycle. This ability to centralize customer interactions ensures a consistent experience for customers and agents alike
  1. High agent efficiency : Customers expect quick and accurate resolutions to their problems; increase customer satisfaction with faster resolution times and higher deflection using VoiceHUB.  

    Agents receive contextual information from Voice AI agents, which reduces response times by up to 50%, ensuring quick, personalized customer service.
  1. Elevated Operational Excellence: Businesses are under pressure to deliver exceptional customer support while optimizing operational costs. 

    VoiceHUB enables businesses to achieve up to 90% automation in query handling, resulting in a remarkable 60% reduction in operational costs while enhancing service quality. 

Demo recording – Customer feedback on support experience

In the demo, the AI agent asks the customer to rate the support experience. However when the customer provides an unsatisfactory rating, the AI agent empathizes with the customer, asking for further insights on improving the support experience. 

Voice Inbox – Seamless transition between AI and humans 

Introducing Voice Inbox, a key feature of VoiceHUB, which handles call transfers between AI and human agents, facilitating high-quality interactions for both routine and complex inquiries. 

Benefits of Voice Inbox

  • Elevate customer conversations with quick, personalized support, reduce response times and boost agent productivity. 
  • Equip your agents with real-time AI suggestions to resolve tickets quickly and more effectively, and increase your team’s efficiency by 50%.
  • With advanced features such as contextual handover, automated workflows, live transcription, and AI-powered agent assistance, Voice Inbox empowers businesses to deliver stellar customer service consistently. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your customer support and contact center operations. 

Register for our private beta today and unlock the full potential of VoiceHUB & Voice Inbox!

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