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Total Experience Automation – The Next Big Trend in Conversational AI

The Conversational Artificial Intelligence platform market is at a pivotal point as customers look to scale their pilots. The acceleration of digital initiatives in response to pandemic disruptions is a key trend affecting the next year’s focus areas for CIOs and transformation leaders.

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With customers and employees frequenting four screens at a time, an enterprise’s engagement strategy cannot be singularly focused. Prioritization of customer experience (CX) is driving innovation in the contact-centre-as-a-service market where enterprises are looking beyond one channel of automation to an omnichannel automation strategy across text, IVR, and voice platforms such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Transforming Total Experience (TX) enhances experiences at the junction of multiple components to achieve transformational business outcomes.

Through analysis of our data and understanding the current market situation, we have drawn projections for 2022.

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COVID-19’s effect on enterprises across industries and countries.
Next trend for Conversational AI in 2022 – Total Experience Automation
What should your business engagement strategy look like for 2022 and beyond?