How to Use AI to Improve Customer Experience

These power-packed plans would boost your customer experiences (CX) by not just boosting loyalty and advocacy but also reversing dissent and churn. Tap into the ‘voice of the customer’ with ‘first-hand customer analytics’ with AI-powered conversational CX!

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High-volume, high-value
CX gains using AI

This paper sets smart directives to gain the most from your conversational AI implementation. It will show you how to drive the highest CX impact by aligning your automation initiatives with the intersection of high-volume and high-value interactions. It’s gold dust!

Rise to the top, and stay there
with conversational CX


Voice of the customer

‘Listen’ to your customers to understand their pain points and drive more value into all conversations.


Gain real-time intelligence

Get first-hand intel directly from your customers through automated and personalized interactions.


High ROI, Low OPEX

Gain economies of scale with lower OPEX and higher ROI with conversational CX automation.


Value-driving KPIs

Perfect your KPIs with AI-driven structuring of conversational CX, including user-journey optimization.


Sentiment analysis

Engage and empathize with your customers, all the while leveraging AI for conversational automation.


Faster go-to-market

Go live with conversational voice and text AI within a fortnight with pre-trained NLU models.

By 2023, 80% of consumer apps will be
developed with a“voice-first” philosophy.

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