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Enable Quick, Accurate Self-serve For Customers With Knowledge Base

February 07, 2023  •  5 minute read

With advancement of technology, customers now have access to convenient digital services on channels like never before. A self-service via a knowledge base allows customers to quickly find answers to their questions on their own, without having to wait for a response from customer service. This can save time for both the customer and the company, and can also help to reduce the workload of customer service representatives. 

But what happens when enterprises fail to introduce self-service capabilities on their product? 

a. Lack of single source of truth 

Without a centralized source of truth, different departments and teams within an organization may have different information about customers or solutions, leading to inconsistent experiences. CX teams may also work with outdated or inaccurate information, leading to miscommunication and errors.

b. Low agent bandwidth

Agents get stuck in handling repetitive queries which could otherwise be automated to ensure that they focus only on important queries requiring their attention. This leads to longer waiting times for customers and can lead to increased frustration and dissatisfaction. Additionally, with fewer agents available, the remaining agents may be overwhelmed and unable to handle the volume of inquiries and requests, leading to reduced productivity.

c. Lack of self-serve options

Without self-service options, customers may have to rely solely on reaching out to customer service representatives for assistance, leading to increased demand on these resources.Also, customers may have to repeat their inquiries or requests multiple times, leading to increased workload and reduced efficiency.

Introducing Knowledge Base by

While it can be taxing to meet all the customer requests and demands to keep your CSAT scores up, we can tackle most of them  by enabling a knowledge base for faster and precise self-serve answers. A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about a product, service, department, or topic. It may contain a support portal, discussion forum, store release notes, product announcements and more with the ultimate aim of enabling easy accessibility to relevant information.

A knowledge base can be a useful tool for your customers to solve their queries themselves while a knowledge base for support teams can work wonders in empowering agents and solving customer queries faster. Let’s take a look at how a knowledge base can prove effective for both your customers and agents. 

Knowledge Base for Customers

Enable easy to access repository of self-serve documents for customers to resolve queries without involving an agent. Customers can put in their queries and access relevant information to resolve issues themselves.

Knowledge base for customers

Key Capabilities

1. Search functionality – Search enabled for customers for convenient discovery of relevant articles with document cognition for contextual article suggestions, auto-complete search capability and relevance sorted search results.

2. Easy navigation – Seamless navigability with auto generated table of contents, article categories, tags and recommendations for similar articles.

3. Customer feedback – Customers can provide feedback on articles depending on whether they found the article helpful or not enabling continuous improvement.

4. Multi-lingual, multi-device availability – Drive customer satisfaction with KB articles available in multiple languages and support for cross-device use. 

Key Benefits

1. Zero wait times – Customers can self-serve their queries without having to wait for agents for assistance

2. 24×7 access – With easy access to KB, customers can resolve queries any time of the day

3. Accurate resolution – KB articles are categorized and tagged to ensure that customers easily find relevant, accurate information

Knowledge Base for Agents

Self-serve library of internal documents, reference manuals, datasheets and more to enable easy access to relevant information across departments, systems and functions for agents. Add articles, tag and categorize, preview and take KB articles live in a few clicks to ensure agents have the most updated information at their fingertips. Knowledge Base for Agents
Knowledge Base for Agents

Key Capabilities

1. Internal knowledge management – Create custom domains, customize KB page, upload, preview and publish articles conveniently to enable an internal knowledge base which acts as a single source of truth.

2. Easy discoverability – Resolve customer queries quickly with easy to discover information by leveraging search capabilities, categorization and tags.

3. Access controlled – Enable CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) access management based on teams, roles and functions.  

4. Dashboards and analytics – Dashboard and analytics for metrics like time spent, total articles views, most viewed article, least viewed article, etc. to track article performance and improve them.

Key Benefits

1. Reduced AHT – With ready access to internal KBs agents can resolve queries quicker

2. Accurate Resolutions– Improved discovery leading to ease of search for specific internal KB articles

3. Efficient Onboarding– Consistent support without increasing training cost by leveraging KB

Bottomline – Is Knowledge Base an Alternative to Chatbots?

A knowledge base is definitely not an alternative to chatbots but rather a supplement to the benefits provided by chatbots. Chatbots over the past few years have evolved to provide personalized resolutions based on user history and become increasingly competent in asking and answering open and closed questions, interpreting ambiguities and making the overall query resolution process seamless. While customers can definitely choose to self-serve with Knowledge Base to search for resolutions themselves, chatbots play an irreplaceable role in resolving queries which need intelligent interpretation and contextualization.


  1. What is a knowledge base?
    A knowledge base can be a useful tool for your customers to solve their queries themselves while a knowledge base for support teams can work wonders in empowering agents and solving customer queries faster. 
  1. How can knowledge base help in better customer experience?
    Knowledge base enables self-serve for customers, so they can just put in their queries and access relevant information to resolve issues themselves without involving an agent.
  1. How can knowledge base help in higher agent productivity?
    An internal knowledge base can help agents discover relevant information quickly to resolve customer queries faster and with more effectiveness.
  1. Is Knowledge Base an alternative to chatbots?
    No. Customers can choose to self-serve with knowledge Base but chatbots play an irreplaceable role in resolving queries which need intelligent interpretation and contextualization.
  1. What kind of information can I find in the CX knowledge base? 
    Customers can find a wide range of information, including product information, troubleshooting guides, and frequently asked questions. They can also find information about company policies and procedures, as well as contact information for customer support.
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