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Build Customer-first Experience Strategy With Yellow.ai’s User 360

July 29, 2022  •  5 minute read

Consumers have evolved in the way they interact with brands with products, services and content digitally. We have observed exponential growth in digital adoption in the last couple of years with consumers leaning towards a digital-first approach to work and life. 

Consumers stick with those brands that are aligned with consumers’ way of living life. Building a customer experience(CX) strategy that keeps consumers right at the center of the brand, makes a brand stand out from the competitors and builds a long-term mind-share. 

Leveraging data for next-gen CX

Improving CX has become the top priority for brands to attract and retain their customers. Customer experience encompasses every interaction one has with your brand right from the moment they are exploring the website to coming back for any post-purchase query. To add delight to this whole journey, you should be able to have a unified view of where and how customers interact with your brand. 

 As per the recent research by HBR analytics services, only 15% of the enterprises have access to a 360-view of customer data, with 50% of them citing organizational silos and data silos as one of the main challenges in using data-driven insights to drive exceptional customer experience. 

Data silos present across different systems prevent brands to maintain the customer context through the journey and being able to provide a consistent and hyper-personalized customer experience. 

A unified/single view of customer data helps marketers understand the customer journey and the key touchpoints of maximum drop-offs and conversions. These touchpoints are crucial for designing customer-first experiences. 

According to Forrester, a good customer experience consists of 3 things: when customers perceive their interactions with your company to be useful (delivering value), usable (easy to find and engage with the value) and enjoyable (emotionally engaging). 

Capturing customer data for behavior-driven insights

Yellow.ai’s User 360 module ensures you can leverage all customer interactions with your brand across your website/applications and channels such as conversational AI agents, and messaging channels through the entire customer journey. 

Capturing the demographic details of the user
Capturing the demographic details of the user

Apart from capturing demographic details of a customer, our platform allows brands to enrich the customer profile by capturing dynamic data points around:

  • Interests and preferences of a customer with respect to a specific category/industry/brand such as 
    • Is he/she a marketer?
    • Does he/she prefer buying sneakers?
    • When was the last purchase?
    • Which subscription is he/she applicable for?
  • Actions performed on digital channels such as websites and mobile applications to understand:
    • When a customer scrolls through a specific category more than twice
    • When a customer leaves the cart without making the payment
    • When a customer uninstalls the application
    • When a customer installs the application but does not open/perform any action 
Capturing actions performed by the user
Capturing actions performed by the user

The customer details mentioned above get stored in Yellow.ai’s User Module allowing users to have a single view of how they can leverage data to power highly personalized and targeted engagements with their customers. 

Maintaining context for a seamless, consistent experience

Yellow.ai’s User 360 captures customers’ interests/preferences and interactions across different channels throughout the entire journey. In order to enable you to build and launch a cohesive and personalized experience, the platform unifies the customers present across different channels and maintains the context. For example, it accurately identifies that it’s the same customer who visited your website, downloaded the application, and interacted with your AI agent on WhatsApp. 

Maintaining user context across channels
Maintaining user context across channels

Launching hyper-targeted campaigns

Now that you are aware of who your customers are and how they are interacting with your brand, the next step is to create high-intent target segments and engage with them through the right messaging at the right time to move them closer towards a common shared goal. 

You can convert your target buyer personas into segments by using AND/OR conditions across: 

  1. Demographic data such as age, gender, country, or city 
  2. First-part data points captured across website/mobile application that indicates their interests and preferences
Creating custom segments based on the customer interest and actions
Creating custom segments based on the customer interest and actions

Once you’ve identified your target segment, you can personalize your campaigns by leveraging our template manager that allows you to customize it using the data captured in the User 360. 

For example, you can drive repeat purchases by notifying the customer of the expiry of their current plan and nudging them to do so by adding the latest promotional offers. You can customize the template by using customer details stored in Yellow.ai’s User 360.

Personalize every customer-engagement
Personalize every customer engagement

Voila, you are all set to launch your campaigns!

Bonus tip: The key highlight of using yellow.ai’s conversational AI platform is that you don’t just launch same-old push campaigns, instead these campaigns are 2-way and conversational, which means that we help you drive higher conversions by allowing the customer to take an action instantly without redirecting the user to a third-party application. 

Connect with us now, on how we can help you launch engaging, 2-way conversational campaigns!


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