Leverage ITSM
Automation to Improve Employee Efficiency

Enhance the efficacy of your organizational processes with Yellow.ai’s dynamic AI agents that possess the unique capability of self-healing and auto-remediation besides resolving all your IT tickets in just a few magic seconds.

Leverage ITSM Automation to Improve Employee Efficiency


FTE working hours



Op-ex savings



reduction in resolution




Yearly spending

AI workers that put your
data to work for you

ITSM specialized NLP engine

Our NLP engine is domain trained for IT excellence and contextual understanding besides housing a unified search engine with self-indexing ability.

ITSM specialized NLP engine

Workflow automation

UI-based process automation tool to build workflows with ease, enabling seamless fulfillment.

Workflow automation

Intelligent incident management

Our protocol based incident management escalates, mitigates and eradicates all security incidents & provides a post mortem report besides being able to self-heal.

Intelligent incident management

Chatbots that learn from every engagement to
self-heal, over time

Cognitive analytics

Get real-time insights into agent availability, MTTR, query volumes, bot accuracy, self-service adoption, employee satisfaction rates, and more.

Chatbot for Businesses

Instant remediation on first contact

Auto-classification of tickets, smooth live agent hand offs and auto-suggestions based on knowledge base data help reduce ticket pile-ups and increase FCR rates.

Instant remediation on first contact

Intelligent resolution

Smart ticketing + automation for instant resolutions to most L0, L1 tasks.

Intelligent resolution

Now resolve IT issues
before they can occur

With the help of our dynamic AI agents, your employees can dramatically improve their performance by focusing on work that matters, giving your organisation the qualitative boost and exponential growth it needs. Learn how our dynamic AI agents can help with IT service management.

Why do 1000+ brands trust Yellow.ai

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Total CX and EX automation platform recognized by Gartner & G2.

Build an intelligent NLP powered chatbot in under 10 clicks.

Excellent time to value – 60% automation in 30 days of go live.

135+ languages available across 35+ text & voice channels.

100+ out of the box integrations.

We win, when our customers win!

“Yellow.ai’s conversational BOT helps in successfully responding to more than 100K customer queries a month saving more than 10000 agent- hours/month.”

Ananth Prakash

Project Director

“Our bot helps in successfully responding to 28K customer queries a month and saving nearly 2K hours/month. The bot has fulfilled 10K personal shopper requests and 2K beauty advisor requests, delighting our customers.”
shoppers stop

Ishita Sharma

Project Director

“The Domino’s web bot helps in successfully fulfilling more than 280K customer post order queries a month saving nearly 30K hours/month.”

Pranshu Rastogi

Business Unit Head

“Dottie catered to 200K+ travelers and successfully responded to ~704K customer queries every month thereby reducing call volume to our contact center by ~15%.”

Rishabh Ranjan Pathak

Lead, Digital

“The Yellow.ai chatbot has helped lower 25,000 calls coming into our call centres every month.”
waste connections inc

Eric Hansen


“The Urja Bot helped us automate 7M conversations, generating 500K LPG bookings per month.”
bharat petroleum

Strategic Initiative team

“We are glad to be able to partner with like minded vendors who strongly believe in seamless customer experience while uplifting operational efficiency. We are able to handle double the volume with the same team size and support our customers with Yellow.ai’s chatbot.”

Kannan Rajaratnam

Customer Experience and epayments Director, Southeast Asia, Zalora

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