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Employee Experiences

With AI-powered Chatbots

Empower your HR teams to automate the entire employee journey with conversational AI, making every interaction engaging and meaningful.

Why Yellow.ai?

From hiring and onboarding a candidate to delighting the employee during his tenure, Yellow.ai enables organizations to deliver enhanced employee experiences with Conversational AI.



Employee queries



Increase in employee



Increase in

Benefit from pre-built integrations

Explore 100+ templates on Marketplace for
faster deployment

Plug & play pre-built modules for specific use-cases from employee onboarding to employee engagement

Faster go-live with pre-existing themes, bot personalities, and conversation designs

Single-click integration with preferred HR systems and communication channels

Explore how Marketplace is a one-stop GTM platform for all your conversational AI needs
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Redefining employee experience with conversational AI

Optimize workforce potential with Yellow.ai

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“The capability of the bot to integrate with our internal and 3rd party applications to provide real-time information is really great. It has helped us to think about more HR Use cases to include chatbots and provide a better experience to employees.”

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“Very strong tool in HR space for handling employee queries and employee engagement.”

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Enhance workplace productivity and employee experiences with
AI-powered chatbots
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