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What Is Employee Experience And How Is Conversational AI Improving It In 2022?

February 15, 2022  •  5 minute read

What’s employee experience(EX)?

Employee experience is the journey an employee takes with the organization – from the moment they apply for a position to the time they receive their relieving letter. It’s defined by the interactions employees have along the way and experiences that revolve around roles, teams, managers, workplace and wellbeing. 

Employee experience in a hybrid working environment 

Teams are more physically distributed, more remote and have become more flexible than before. This has changed the journey employees take with the organization that, like the consumer one’s, spans across multiple touchpoints and varies contextually depending on where your employees are and what they do. 

HR systems can, therefore, no longer be viewed as one siloed process that works unanimously in creating employee experiences for the organization. Rather, HR is the central nervous system that works in coherence with other internal processes to make employee experience more consistent and comprehensive. 

Organizations have been adapting to a number of tools and point solutions that solve immediate use-case requirements – from remote onboarding/offboarding to compensation management. This has inundated the mind-space of employees to switch between multiple portals and SPOCs to solve a single query, leaving them feeling disengaged with systems and processes. 

Employees’ expectations in the current hybrid environment have expanded to how organizations can enable them with easy access to tools and resources to put their best foot forward. Employees want processes to be seamless that help them with right information on their fingertips. 

Moving towards integrated workplace solution

HR leaders across the world are re-evaluating their current suite of tools and technologies with the objective to consolidate these into an integrated solution that can serve employees end-to-end. A well-integrated workplace solution can enhance employee experience  – 

  • Successful resolution of employee queries through their preferred channel at any given time, without any delay and human intervention 
  • Reduce HR administrative costs by 30% by decreasing dependency on HR representatives to solve redundant and repetitive queries
  • Ability to assign critical tasks related to employee grievances and misconduct issues to the HR Team 
  • Leverage employee listening surveys and campaign management tools to improve engagement and facilitate sharing organization-level communication to employees consistently in hybrid workplace
  • Design employees’ career progression with the organization based on their professional and personal interests by integrating L&D modules with performance management solutions

Conversational AI in workplace 

Brands have been leveraging conversational AI across consumer facing channels – such as messenger applications, mobile/web based applications – to create an omni-channel experience. AI-powered Chatbots with NLP capabilities have proved their potential to understand consumer intent and resolve queries within seconds, thereby engaging and delighting consumers throughout. 

Extending consumer-like experiences, i.e seamless and simplified, on an organizational front by building conversational AI on top of your existing suite of tools will prove to be a win-win for both employees and organizations -alike.

As per Gartner, by 2023 75% of all HR management queries will be initiated through a conversational platform to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

  1. Make your internal processes less siloed 

Conversational AI-based solutions can help organizations converge their current tech suite, by skipping employee portal or website touchpoints, and present only in humanoid form that can converse and resolve employee queries within seconds. 

  1. Resolve queries instantly

Conversational AI-based workplace solutions provide timely resolution of queries – requested by employees through their preferred channels at their convenient time. Leading to employees wasting less time on multiple systems/access points to get their queries resolved and can focus on business deliverables. 

  1. Dive into pulse of your organization

Moving beyond solving day-to-day queries, same platform can be leveraged to constantly check up on employees on how they are doing, if the current goals and responsibilities are matching their expectations, if they are satisfied with current working environment from tools to team interactions, if they are looking forward to upskill and judge the pulse of your organization.

  1. Put insights into action 

HRs can utilize built-in analytics capability to strategize how current systems can be improved to enhance the total employee experience by tracking employee sentiment, the type of queries, frequency of queries by days/month and which channels are frequently being used. 

Good EX and positive business impact goes hand-in-hand

78% of HR leaders believe that employee experience will be the most important driver in delivering business objectives, as per a report by Forrester. Improving employee engagement across the lifecycle shapes their total experience that aligns with employee expectations of growing and developing along the way with the organization building a productive environment for both employees and business.

Conversational AI provides a simple and intuitive interface, familiar to your employees, with built-in NLP capabilities that can understand the employee intent and respond to queries empathetically. The best part of conversational AI is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and it learns & re-learns from the best – i.e you and your employees – to keep solving for employee-related queries. 

Request a demo to get started with the human+AI way of HR automation to improve the employee experience. 


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