Leo Coffee provides exceptional customer engagement and expands sales of delicious coffee blends

Learn how yellow.ai enabled one of the most popular coffee brands in India to provide personalized buying experiences for its customers

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Leo Coffee, famous for its Mylapore filter coffee, laid its foundation in 1910 and now has 40 Outlets in Chennai and South India and 300+ distributors across south India and even Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Leo Coffee is a family-run coffee enterprise, run now under the care of Venu Srinivasan. The brand exports various coffee blends, vending machines, and coffee merchandised in countries like the US, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. And even has an online presence, selling its products on Amazon, Snapdeal, and eBay and also through its own ‘Leo e-Store’ powered by Shopify.

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Lockdown and absence of call centers make expanding online sales difficult

With the onset of the pandemic, we saw many coffee houses and eateries closing down. Even Leo Coffee had to shut down its services. Business via their e-commerce stores was just over 1 percent. And with their call-centers closing down, responding to thousands of queries coming every day became a repetitive and arduous task. Apart from this the ever-expanding coffee blends of Leo Coffee was hard to update in all e-commerce stores and would consume a lot of unnecessary time.



Leo - The Intelligent Virtual Assistant

yellow.ai deployed channel-agnostic AI-powered retail with a very interactive UI bot based on our model retail solution Canary, across Facebook, WhatsApp, and on Leo e-store. The Intelligent virtual assistant is providing exceptional customer engagement while combating innumerable queries from the customer and at the same time helping customers subscribe and order the pure blends from Leo Coffee from the bot interface.


Easy Payment Gateway

Easy payment gateway via Google pay and other UPI based payment provided through the API integration, again on the Instant messaging chatbot interface.


Shopify Integration

The integration of Leo Bot with Shopify enables the auto-update of all merchandise as updated on the Leo e-store.



INR crossed in total revenue within few days


Available customer support


Accuracy in resolving every query

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