World’s largest Insurer sails through pandemic whilst offering superior CX & reducing operational cost by 80%

Use case:

Call Center Agent




Insurance Renewal Systems, Genesys


An absence of solution to optimize customer reach

The company expected a drop in policy verification and collections as an aftermath of the pandemic. They were looking for an innovative solution that would help them optimize the customer outreach during the pandemic & reduce operational cost whilst offering superior customer experience.



Multilingual Voice Bot

We built a multilingual voice bot that would help users verify policy details, check policy due date, manage payments, update customer information, set premium due date reminders and more seamlessely.


Smooth integrations

The bot was integrated with client systems including policy administration, policy management & billing to offer seamless and personalized experience to users. We removed the need of hopping from one application to another, and made it all possible from a single interface.


Context based intent resolutions

The multilingual bot had superior context based intent identification to help understand queries better and provide insights from customer interaction to help constantly improve bot performance and understand consumer behaviour. Thus, it wasn't just a support bot but provided real time resolutions, leading to happier customers.



reduction in operational costs


higher bot efficiency compared to live agents


Scaling capacity

Looking ahead

“With's voice bot success in the picture, Bajaj Finserv wants to further diversify voice capabilities that'll help reduce operational costs further by 20%. Further, they also plan to achieve revenue targets of $200Mn in the coming year with an increased bot accuracy of 97%.”

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